With Star Wars: The Force Awakens less than a year from being released, don’t be surprised to start hearing more about all those spin-off movies that Disney has in the pipe. The studio wants to start cranking out a Wars movie every year, place holders between each new chapter of the sequel trilogy, and already writers and directors have been lined up to oversee them. But what are they about? That’s the question all we eager fans want to know, and want to know now. One suggestion was a Han Solo prequel, and recently, someone even attached a name to the role of the young smuggler: Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. According to Paul though, his playing Han Solo is news to him.

Responding to a post made Jason Ward, editor-in-chief of Making Star Wars, Paul tweeted:

The original Making Star Wars credited “the scoop” to an unnamed source that had previously provided them with accurate information about The Force Awakens production, saying:

“A code name for the production is: Luminac Industrial Goods. They go on to say there’s going to be a really interesting situation at Pinewood Studios. The filming will eventually overlap with some of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Who are they hearing the film is about? Han Solo. They went on to say the word around the current production at Pinewood is that Aaron Paul is looking to be attached to the first Star Wars spin-off film in some fashion.”

A solo Han Solo movie has long been assumed as one of the first spin-off projects for the new Star Wars film series, but Paul’s would be the first name attached to the part of the younger version of the Harrison Ford character. But it’s interesting that the rumor came about at roughly the same time as Paul took part in the live reading of The Empire Strikes Back, in which he played Luke Skywalker (Ellen Page played Solo).

Paul’s tongue-and-cheek tweet above suggests that he has no knowledge of being asked, or even that there’s interest, in him playing Han Solo. Unless its a shrewd bit of misdirection. Regardless, I highly doubt that Paul has any lack of work to keep him busy after all his years of superb, award-winning acting on Breaking Bad. I’m sure Paul would do a great job as Solo, even if I can’t immediately see him in the part. Perhaps it’s because Ford casts a long shadow on Solo, but then again, maybe it’s because Jesse Pinkman casts a long shadow on Paul.

Whether or not Paul is cast, or is in the process of being cast, as a young Han Solo, if that is indeed the direction for the first Star Wars spin-off film, we should be getting some kind of confirmation soon as the film itself is looking at a release date sometime in 2016. With the long lead time for all the effects work involved, the movie would have to begin shooting sometime before the middle of the year to make that release by the end of 2016. And don’t forget, the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII by Rian Johnson will be starting not long after with a 2017 release date.

We’ll have more news as it develops.

Source: Comic Book.com

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