I’ve been told repeatedly by a female friend of mine that if I looked up the word “Dreamy” in the dictionary I would find a picture of Chris Evans. I guess we’d better add “Hunky” to that list now, because that was the first word out of her mouth when I asked her to describe this video. Evans is dropping bad guys left and right all while flexing those impressive muscles and flashing that winning smile.


This trailer is for the Chinese exclusive Call of Duty Online game. The game will be free to play, but as we all probably guessed would also include micro-transactions because everyone knows that now a days, that’s where the real gaming money is.

The open beta for the game in China started in 2014 The full version of the game hits the Chinese Internet on January 11th. While we can’t enjoy the game yet, we can enjoy Chris Evans rocking those action star moves on the battlefield in this full length trailer.


What do you think? Will the game be a success? Would you play it in that format?

Via: Comingsoon

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