Later tonight we’ll get the first full trailer for Peyton Reed‘s Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd. We’ve seen Rudd in his scruffy Scott Lang duds and now you can check out what he’ll look like in his new super suit! As a bonus, we’ve got the new poster that’s soon to be hanging in theaters around the world and you can see it right here.

While everyone thought that Guardians of the Galaxy was a big gamble, Ant-man is probably the smallest huge gamble that Marvel has taken yet. Long time Marvel comic book fans have been clamoring for one the original comic book Avengers to make an appearance, heck, Hank and Janet Pym coined the name Avengers in the first place, only to miss out on joining the big screen cast.


Entertainment Weekly has a new cover coming out that features Paul Rudd in his Ant-Man suit.



I’ve got to say that Rudd looks pretty damn good in that suit. The look on his face says it all, it’s almost as if he is asking someone to push his buttons because they won’t like what happens next. The movie theater poster also uses some clever ant-like marketing.


It should make people stop for a moment on the way to which ever movie they are headed to just to see what the heck that is, even if their hands are full of sodas and tubs of popcorn.

We’ll bring you the Ant-Man trailer as soon as it pops up on the Internet, perhaps even before it airs on Agent Carter tonight. Ant-Man hits theater screens July 17th.

What do you think, will Marvel pull another rabbit out of its hat with Ant-man? Will your butt be in a theater seat that opening weekend?

Via: Entertainment Weekly


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