Fans of the iconic BBC sci-fi serial, Doctor Who, cite Russell T. Davies with reinvigorating the franchise both as a show runner, and for writing some of the more memorable episodes from seasons 1-4. It’s true, he brought the show into the 21st Century, but even RTD has to adhere to the most sacred tenants (pun intended) of the Time Lords – you can’t go back and revisit your own timeline.

In what should shock absolutely no Whovian on Planet Earth, Davies recently shared with RadioTimes that he had no plans of returning to Doctor Who as a guest writer in the foreseeable future: 

The lovely Steven [Moffat] invites me every year to come and write one. And I love him and I love them and I love watching it, but here I am, moving on. I love Doctor Who with all my heart but nothing is more important to me than my own stuff.

Consider for a moment what that means. RTD says he won’t return to write for Doctor Who, also sharing that for the past few years he’s been invited back as a guest writer on multiple occasions. The door is open, but perhaps not to the TARDIS. When asked about whether he has any ideas for other Whovian-verse stories, he shares:

I made 60 episodes and did 40 Torchwoods and 40 Sarah Janes and there are an awful lot of ways to destroy the world in there.

That doesn’t sound like a “No” to us. In fact, fans have continuously supported the more obvious directions for in-continuity spin-offs such as a River Song miniseries, a The Doctor’s Daughter – “Jenny” miniseries, and additional Torchwood miniseries. It comes down to interest, and as RTD so eloquently states, his own work is the most important thing to him these days.

Current show runner (and series 1-4 writing alum) Steven Moffat, along with the two post-RTD incarnations of our favorite Gallifreyans (Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, not counting John Hurt of course) have garnered their own acclaim and criticism, but to be sure they’ve held on to what keeps the franchise so powerful – the anxiety that at any second things could change for The Doctor, and his story could go in an entirely different direction. That’s the strength of Doctor Who – it’s power to regenerate into something new yet equally compelling.

Take note Davies fans, he was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. We didn’t want him to go. He wasn’t a girl, and he wasn’t a ginger, and we’ll always remember when he the show runner, but there are others who know how to fly this thing.

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