Fox’s Gotham has been one of the most talked about new shows on the year, but not always in glowing or flattering terms. The series seems rather terminally obsessed with Batman’s rouges gallery, which can often come across as rather cartoonish as opposed to what, I think, a lot of us wanted Gotham to be, which was The Wire version of pre-Dark Knight Gotham City. In spite of that, one of the bright spots of the show has been Robin Lord Taylor‘s portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot, AKA: The Penguin, and Taylor’s performance has been so compelling that a popular new theory has been making the internet rounds: What if Gotham’s Penguin, ended up being The Joker? Well the actor himself has now responded to the concept.

If you haven’t read about the Penguin/Joker theory you can check it out on Reddit. Even though it discounts some recent developments in the show like Fish Mooney finding out that Oswald is still alive, it still has traction with fans who think that Gotham’s version of Penguin doesn’t befit traditional comic book portrayals of the character. Of course, I don’t think Penguin’s been played the same way in any two movies, TV shows, video games or animated series, so the reasons why Gotham has portrayed Penguin the way it has is not entirely out of left field.

Anyway, in an interview with MTV, Taylor himself addressed the rumors, saying that while he’s intrigued by the insight, he’s not aware of any plan to make his Cobblepot the secret Joker.

“I find it incredibly unlikely, but at the same time, I have no idea what could happen. I get the scripts and I’ll read something, and I will be just as shocked as everyone else is when they see it happen onscreen. [I read that theory], and I was like, ‘Huh.’ I was like, ‘Nah.’ But then I was so impressed at the detail that this person went into… the guy who formulated this theory. I was just amazed at the amount of attention that people are paying to the show. I mean, he was looking at the colors of my vest and my suit, and extrapolating off of that.”

Yeah, this may be a case of people reading into the show too deeply, and if you’ve been watching Gotham on a weekly basis then you know that there’s not that much depth to it. Also, if you’re basing your theory on the Gotham writers doing things with the Batman character that have never been done before, may I remind you of the fact that Kid Bruce Wayne and Kid Selina Kyle spent a couple of episodes hanging out together. Or that Edward Nygma is a police CSI that answers every question with a question…

I would also remind you reader that there have been previous statements regarding the idea that the first season of the show would be full of little hints and suggestions about possible Jokers in every episode, like the appearance of a nameless comedian in the pilot episode. Gotham creator Bruno Heller previously suggested in could be years before we meet the pre-Joker Joker in the show saying, “He’s the crown jewel of the Batman villains. He will be brought in with great care and a lot of thought.”

So basically, the Penguin/Joker theory is a nice thought, but I wouldn’t put all your chips on them making it a reality in show. While it’s true that this is perhaps one of the most interesting screen portrayals of Penguin ever done, that’s not a reason to suggest that Robin Lord Taylor is playing another character entirely, and rather it should be a reason for the actors and writers of Gotham to put the same effort and energy into all its characters. The Joker included, if he’s ever introduced.
Gotham airs Mondays at 8 pm on Fox.

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