A local Austin, Texas artist that goes by the handle “EZ” has been creating and leaving life-sized and treat filled Hyrulean treasure boxes in and around the Austin area. Part performance art, part treasure hunt, and part artistic hobby, he enjoys making Legend of Zelda art and stashing it in hand-made treasure chests for other fans to find.


He placed the first treasure box back in February of 2013, filled with a few perler sprites and a small bag of swords. Also inside was a note asking the person who found the chest to email him so he would know the chest had been raided and would need new treasures.


While it could have stopped there, surprisingly, people who found the treasure boxes started to fill it back up with gift cards, lottery tickets, and other rewarding items.

So far he has created and hidden three treasure chests and plans to do more.

It would be really cool if people keep it going forward and take something and leave something. Once it’s out there, it’s out of my hands, and it’s up to the culture of people who are out there to decide how it works.

EZ doesn’t give and warning when he places a chest, there aren’t any signs or clues left around. Although he has stayed mainly in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. If you want hints you’ll have to email him at for a clue or two to find a chest.


EZ plans to start creating treasure maps and multi-part hunt clues for those in the area wanting to get in on the action.

The whole thing is a lot of fun for Zelda fans, thankfully no one has decided they wanted the treasure box more than what was inside and made off with one yet. You’ve got to love a fandom that recognizes the gift they received when finding a chest of Zelda art items and decided to give back.

Perhaps a local pot maker could make some pots with treats inside to hide around the treasure chest. Because every Zelda fan would want to break a pot. 🙂

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