This is a pretty wild rumor, in fact it’s a ridiculous and far “out-there” rumor to be precise. However, with Warner Bros. yet to comment, we can have a little fun with it. The rumor is regarding an image that appeared online on Friday that looks like it has come from promotional material for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On the image, it has the movies coming in two parts, with Part I titled Enter the Knight, and going to theaters on October 23, 2015, and Part II, Dawn of Justice, due  on the original release date, March 25, 2016.

The image looks like an international one, with universal release dates. However, the website appears to be suspiciously blurry, making it unclear if it’s the official site run by Warner Bros., or whether it is a fake. Let’s have a little fun and imagine for a second that this is a real possibility.

Below is the Batman v Superman split image with popped up on Imgur, and was tipped off to Ain’t It Cool News:


Firstly, the image is suspiciously blurry, making the website near illegible. So, we are unable to attain for certain if the website is the official Warner Bros. site, or whether it is the same address without the “V”, which is also a working website. Does anybody smell a rat yet?). Secondly,  the format of the dates seem rather odd, with the year coming first (it just appe. There is also the fact that Warner Bros. have yet to make any comments on the image, but it is known that Warner Bros. don’t usually comment on rumors.

Still playing along, could this be possible logistically? Warner Bros. seem to like the idea of splitting movies like they done with the Hobbit and final Harry Potter film, and also the upcoming Justice League films. Furthermore, Batman v Superman is absolutely clogged to the brim with character’s, and it already seems ridiculous that they are all going to be crammed into the one movie. Thus, breaking the movie into two parts would make more sense if director Zack Snyder is wanting to leave any room for breathing space. Lastly, it would be a great move fiscally, with two massive blockbuster movies guaranteed within two consecutive years, and it would give DC fans a much needed movie this year to even begin thinking about competing with Marvel’s already established Cinematic Universe. It could be DC’s way of saying “hey, guys… our slate is just as jam-packed and impressive Marvel’s.

Warner Bros could really be doing with releasing a movie this year between Marvel’s Phase 2 and 3, with Ant-man in July, and Civil War in May, as that’s the kind of thing the are desperately needing right now.

It’s more or less guaranteed to be a fake, but it’s nice to play along with the idea. What do you guys think? …even if it is just hypothetically…

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