AMC‘s released the first trailer for the Mid-Season 5 return of The Walking Dead to the Internet and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has something to tell us all. It all boils down to what really matters in this new world when the dead walk and the living are even more dangerous.

Let’s get right to it since 95% of you are already watching the video and aren’t even reading this part of the post after clicking through. Hey, I don’t blame you, I’d rather be watching it than trying to fill this portion of the post with some witty insight that might make you comment in the comments section.

What did you think? The speculators will be combing every inch of the trailer for some hidden clue about who will die next. Many will jump on the look on Sasha’s and point toward something bad happening to her. I love that Eugene is still using that tiny knife instead of a gun, or something bigger.

The Walking Dead returns on February 8th so there’s not too much time to wait.

Via: AMC

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