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Sorry if I’m being intolerant, but with DC Comics being among the top two amazing comic book sellers and the legendary awesomeness of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, if you don’t know who Vixen is, then you’re just not trying to be a good enough nerd. She has a long history of heroism and deserves a ton of respect for having an original power, being a great female hero, and for representing an underrepresented faction of the world of supers. She’s never been seen live action and she’s only had part-time cartoon love, but now we’re gonna see her in her very own project. The CW is putting her in their bastion of original series’ called CW Seed. Interested?

Originally called CW Digital Studio, CW Seed is a production arm of CW that operates entirely on digital platforms. That means, “Vixen” will be shown via the web in some form or another.


That’s how she’s supposed to look in the series. I’m on board with it. It’s very young Halle Berry. Not so young that we’re talking crackhead from ‘Jungle Fever,’ but young enough to be talking “Ohhh yeah, mad hot.” (sigh) I just called a cartoon “hot” in front of everybody. Here’s another depiction firing up the internets right now.


Oh, didn’t I tell you? The best thing about the series is that it will occupy the very same universe as ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash.’ Right, everything Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, and friends, are doing in their respective shows will have an impact on this cartoon series. And, apparently, whatever happens in the Vixen show will make waves in the live action efforts. It sounds crazy, but I think it’s an innovative effort to expand the DC video brand. And if it works, you bet your ass that long-time lovers of the Vixen character will eventually see her graduate to having her own show or, at least, some representation of the existing series successes – if the cartoon is a hit. Would you guys like to see Vixen debut on ‘Arrow’ or ‘The Flash?’

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