Drew Struzan Comes out of Retirement to Draw Batkid


If you grew up in the 80s, then chances are that the work of Drew Struzan had a big impact on you. Who’s Drew Struzan you may be asking? Shame on you! He’s the man that created the poster art for such films as Blade Runner, Back to the Future, The Muppet Movie, Coming To America, An American Tail, and The Goonies. He also designed the posters for all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Of course, that was when poster art was still an art, but Struzan did it better than anyone else. He official retired in 2008, so when Struzan releases a new poster now, you know it’s something special, and that’s very true in this particular instance as Struzan has now immortalized Batkid for an upcoming documentary.

Via Deadline, the poster for Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World has been revealed.


If you don’t recall, “Batkid” was 5-year-old Miles Scott, whose Make-a-Wish wish was to be Batman. It became a reality when a myriad of individuals and groups in the city of San Francisco turned the City by the Bay into Gotham City for a day, letting Miles live out his superhero fantasy by riding around in the Batmobile and catching villains like The Riddler and The Penguin.

The documentary, Batkid Begins directed by Dana Nachman, chronicles the enormous and unexpected efforts of the people of San Francisco to make Batkid Day a reality, from the mayor’s office to the SFPD to the San Francisco Chronicle. The film will premiere later this month at Slamdance. Here’s a behind the scenes video.

As for Struzan, the rumor mill is churning that he’s warming up to make art again for Star Wars. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting theaters at the end of the year, many have been curious if Struzan will return to posterize the film. I think that it’s a safe bet he will.

As for Batkid Begins, the film will likely be coming to a film festival near you as the year goes on, or otherwise get a limited release in art house cinemas and/or on VOD. We’ll keep you up to date on where and when you can see it.

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