It looks like the Galaxy is getting a whole lot smoother because the original galactic cool man himself is returning to the Star Wars Universe. That’s right, Lando Calrissian is dropping in on the Star Wars Rebels story line. Better still, the one and only Billy Dee Williams will be providing that smooth talker’s voice!

Big Shiny Robot is reporting that the January 19th Star Wars Rebels episode will feature Lando’s return as he gets tied up in the Rebels latest adventure. It seems that Zeb isn’t such a good card player as he thought. He loses the droid Chopper in a Sabacc card game with Lando. The episode is titled Idiot’s Array.


Williams hinted that he would be making an appearance on the show back in June and we’re happy to hear it all went down, and wasn’t a bit of smooth talking by Williams.


I’m guessing from the still above that Lando will be using his best moves on Herra Syndulla, but things might not go the way Lando plans.

What other original Star Wars characters do you think need to make an appearance on Star Wars Rebels?


*Update: New image from Entertainment Weekly and picture-link to video of Williams doing voice work below.



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