We’ve seen a couple of Alex Luther‘s fan made videos and teaser trailers before. The Marvel Vs. DC Epic Trailer was pretty damn good. This time around he’s pitting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes combined against the incredible power of the Dark Side. That’s right, Emperor Palpatine and his Sith Apprentice Darth Vader are bringing all their powers to bear on Earth. Who can save us? Certainly not some scruffy Nerf Herder like Han Solo. This is a job for the likes of Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Thor, The Green Lantern Corps, and Star Lord. Wait… who the hell is Star Lord?

Jump right in and enjoy all those nerdy emotions that will start bubbling to the surface as you watch this teaser.

Don’t worry Star Lord, I think we all peed just a bit watching that. Now we all know this will never happen in a million years, except in my fan fiction which can be found at [Redacted by NerdBastards Editorial Staff].com.

What did you think? He has a talent for finding scenes that merge well. Of course nothing is flawless, but Luther’s videos flow much better than other fan teasers.

Can you pick out which movies, video games, and other material he’s picked these scenes from?

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