With a little under seven months till its release, it’s telling that we have yet to see a single frame of footage from the new Fantastic Four movie. We know that it wrapped principal photography last summer, and we know that any sneak peak or hint that’s been leaked out onto the internet has been smacked down by the iron hand of Doctor Doom the 20th Century Fox legal department, and we know there’s been absolutely no official image from the film of any kind. (Hence the image used above.) Keep your secrets, Fox! But if the potential shabbiness about the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four by Josh Trank has got you twisted up in knots, then we’ve got good news, and not in a Professor Farnsworth kind of way. Matthew Vaughn is giving FF two thumbs up!

While making the promotional rounds for his next film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class director told Flickering Myth about his thoughts on Trank’s Fantastic Four having seen the film with his own two eyes.

I’ve seen the movie. It’s good. I thought Chronicle was a fantastic movie and [Josh] Trank has gone off and done his version of Fantastic Four. If you like Chronicle, then you’ll like this. We’re all backing Josh Trank’s vision. And hopefully the world will like Josh Trank’s vision.”

Interesting. Although it’s possible that Vaughn may be acting as a company man in his comments seeing as how Kingsman is being released by, you guessed it, 20th Century Fox. Now obviously, despite being internet journalists, we don’t like thinking the worst of a talented, hard-working individual like Matthew Vaughn, especially since he’s made so many movies we’ve liked.

Still, fans may have good reason to have trepidations. For instance, I’m not sure that the style of Chronicle jives with the style we want to see in a Fantastic Four movie. Has the comic ever fared well whenever it does dark, and gritty, and semi-realistic? And does this confirm that there’s a found-footage element in the FF movie by referring to Trank’s “vision?” Groan. Add this to the information gleamed from a Redditor claiming to have worked on the film and the revelation of such plot details as evil blogger Doctor Doom and the Sue Storm and Ben Grimm romance angle, and perhaps we’re getting a clear idea about why we may be justified in our fears for the project.

Finally, in other FF news, Ain’t it Cool is reporting a Latino-Review source that says that the FF trailer will drop with the release of Kingsman on February 13. What an amazing coincidence! I think we’re all hoping for the best with this new Fantastic Four, or at least better than the two Tim Story movies, but at this rate it seems as that by the time the movie is released it will just be accepted as a trainwreck whether that’s how it turns out or not. We will patiently wait for the trailer before making any further judgments.

Fantastic Four is in theaters everywhere August 7.

Source: Cinema Blend

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