The writers of The Flash certainly had some brass when they decided to incorporate the DC Comics hero Firestorm into the show. Now Firestorm may not make the front bench of the Justice League, and he may not make the Top 100 of the best-selling superheroes of all time, but his super-power is fire and he’s got, easily, one of the most flamboyant costumes in the entire DC Universe. Now we’ve seen what Firestorm (and actor Robbie “cousin of Arrow’s StephenAmell) looks like when the flame is on – so to speak – but one has to wonder how The Flash will re-interpret the costume for TV. Well wonder no more! Behold, Firestorm’s CW-approved, ready for prime time, updated haute couture. Warning, this may not exactly meet you definition of fighting style.

Eric Goldman of IGN tweeted out the following pic from the Television Critics Association Winter Pres Tour:

Well, the chest piece looks somewhat familiar, and cool, but the rest of it looks like something that wouldn’t have been entirely out of place on Robbie Amell in his last show, The Tomorrow People. Very Abercrombie in other words. While many of TV’s superhero outfits are the epitome of minimalism and blending in, this Firestorm outfit literally looks like someone went to the GAP, got a pair of pants and a cardigan, and stapled a doodad to it. The colors don’t exactly jump either. In fact the only color the outfit has is a muted reddish-purple that’s the color of wine. Or maybe it’s the lighting.

On the other hand, it could be that this is the first iteration of the Firestorm outfit, and that a future version, or versions, might get closer to the comic book one, or, at least, be turned into something that says “superhero” a little more clearly. You may recall that in the pilot of The Flash, there was a picture of the hero in the future where he was wearing something that looked a lot more like his comic book outfit than what he’s wearing in the present. So if The Flash can get a transitional superhero outfit, then why can’t Firestorm?

Robbie Amell will next appear as Ronnie Raymond, AKA: Firestorm, in the February 3 episode of The Flash called “Crazy for You,” which will also be the first appearance of Firestorm’s better half, Dr. Martin Stein played by Victor Garber. The Flash will be back will all new episodes starting Tuesday.

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