Star Wars is much like the competitive shaving industry – why stop at two blades when you can add two more?

Fans were ignited when a new tribladed lightsaber was revealed in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer. Naturally, the naysayers criticized the blades impracticality; making the argument that the two smaller blades acting as a “cross-guard” would not serve their purpose as an attacking blade could and would likely slide down and cut through the hilt. Not to mention the elevated risk to the wielders own body. Ridiculous? Let’s find out. 

Stephen Colbert (Gawd, how I miss this glorious bastard) recently explained how and why the crossguard (or cross-hilt) lightsaber design could actually work.  He perfectly explained that even if you hit the casing around one of the cross guards, you obviously can’t cut it off because there’s a blade underneath – one blade that is divided into three sections.

Now, Colbert made for a good argument. However, that still doesn’t absolve what a clear and present danger the two additional blades are to the wielders own wrists/arms and body. That’s two additional points and length of flame (plasma or whatever burning material a lightsaber blade is made of) to be mindful of. All together, that’s triple the risk of possible self inflicted injury. Or… is it?

Here’s a video that will convince you that the tribladed Star Wars lightsaber is anything but dangerous to the wielder. YouTuber Thrand made a mock-up of the lightsaber and demonstrated (to much nod of approval) how it could actually work very well.

I used to be against the design myself, but some thinking and this video proved me wrong. The kind of sword displayed would actually be in keeping with the forms of lightsaber combat.

Still think it’s a flawed design or are you now convinced?


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