While there were a lot of rumors floating around last year about a complete reboot and franchise building trilogy of Snake Plisskin films, that was all just smoke and mirrors. The movie rights were still up in the air and it wasn’t until recently that a clear front-runner emerged. Now the smoke has cleared and the rights to Escape From New York have been scooped up by FOX, but what do they plan to do with them?Snake-Plissken

Deadline is reporting that:

Fox has emerged from competitive bidding and closed a deal to remake the 1981 John Carptenter-directed cult classic Escape From New York. Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman’s The Picture Company will produce.

You might remember some rumors last year about StudioCanal and Joel Silver working on a trilogy of John Carpenter‘s cult classic, but those rumors have been pretty much debunked by Deadline:

While there was a spate of rumors earlier this fall that the film was about to be cast with the likes of Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, I’m told those rumors amounted to wishful thinking by fans, because there was no rights deal made until now, and there is no script. They are starting from scratch. That said, the notion of Hunnam playing the Snake, or Chris Hemsworth who was another one rumored, seems like pretty inspired ideas from here.


We all know how this Internet game works. Often stories get bigger and take on their own lives once unleashed upon the Internet. Fans speculate and then those speculations get turned into rumors, that turn into reported fact and not the rumor that they are in some cases.

Although looking at the rumor with Charlie Hunnam or Chris Hemsworth as Snake in a new trilogy sounds pretty damn awesome. If the new Escape From New York could look as bad ass as the new Mad Max: Fury Road looks then we might be in for quite the ride.

Word is that FOX is starting from ground zero, no script, no director or star attached, nothing but the rights and a hope to make truck loads of cash.

What do you think? Is the world ready for more Snake Plisskin? Is it ready for a new Snake Plisskin?I’m good with either, although I find myself wanting to see Kurt Russell reprise the role one more time. I want to see an older yet no wiser Snake Plisskin brought back out of retirement into the middle of the worst situation possible only to emerge triumphant and indignant as hell.

NerdBastards recently reviewed the new Sideshow Collectables Snake Plisskin and it is incredibly detailed and worth a look.

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