This week’s episode of ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ seeks to wrap up a couple loose ends from the previous show “Bridge And Tunnel.” It does that well enough while also creating a couple new frayed edges to mull over: a brutal murder, some insight on our friend Jarvis, and a mostly self-contained plot concerning more of Howard Stark’s stolen goods. Or stolen “bads,” because some of the work Stark’s been doing are questionable endeavors at best. It just gets worse for Peggy and her butler bestie as they go another round of “The Better We Do, The Worse Things Get.” After the jump, we find out what I mean by that. Welcome to SPOILER-TOWN!

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We’re treated to Peggy’s opening narration recapping what happened last week. I immediately thought of Oliver Queen’s and Barry Allen’s canned show opens for ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ and hoped we didn’t have to do this with Peggy’s vehicle. Oh well…

Peggy’s in her cozy domicile looking through a Shakespeare book of symbols, trying to research assassin Leet Brannis’ mysterious heart insignia. Creepy guy milling around outside the women’s apartments, looking up at Peggy’s window. Can’t say I blame him just because I’m in the internet era and get to stare hungrily at Hayley Atwell pics on the sly all day. Seems he’s not after Peg though, as he climbs up a pipe to her room only to find that he was aiming for her neighbor Molly’s place instead. This is entirely against the house rules as we find out the next morning at breakfast when the building den mother ousts Molly for having a man in her room. Poor Molly…and just before we ever really got to know ya.

Speaking of the late Leet Brannis, SSR guys Chief Dooley and Agent Ray Krzeminski are giving his studio a good going over. They make special note of the typewriter instant messenger doohickey and make their way back to base. Further intel says this is the second time in his, ahem, life that Brannis has died and if there’s something more to that, we’ll have to wait until the next episode. That would make two shows and running where a dead person remains a hot plot topic. Brannis could become a regular Laura Palmer.

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The agents fumble through the rubble from last week’s Pokeball bomb implosion and find Stark’s license plate, implicating him at the scene of the crime. They head to Stark Mansion, but Peggy’s there first discussing the vault break-in with Jarvis. When the agents arrive, Peg hides and since there’s no Stark available for questioning, they take Jarvis instead. Which sucks because you know the guy has to have a roast in the oven or something.

Interrogation Master Agent Thompson manages to make Jarvis sweat without laying a hand on him. Peggy monitors the heat behind a two-way mirror. It gets disclosed that Jarvis was once charged with treason and copped a dishonorable discharge from the military. Thompson threatens to use this info to deport Jarvis and his wife if he doesn’t come with clean answers. It’s a pretty rough sequence but Peggy manages to pull a fast move over some paperwork error that gets our gentleman butler walking. Oh, and it’s mentioned that at some point, Howard Stark invented a “Death Ray.” Seriously, this guy…

Deducing that the vault thief would have had to escape through the sewers, Peggy and Jarvis get their feet wet to try retracing the steps. During that time, Peggy prods J something ridiculous about why he was up for treason. Turns out, Jarvis committed forgery in order to transport his Jewish wife Anna out of danger during the Holocaust years. It was painful for him to talk about and I was kind of annoyed at Peggy for forcing him to go there. But they manage to reach the end of the path and right across from the sewer exit is a pier. At the pier is a boat…with Brannis’ heart symbol plastered on the side.

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Of course they break in to find a huge cache full of stolen Stark tech, including one “constrictor” – a device that, when applied to a person, it stimulates a fierce amount of stress on whatever it touches. Jarvis hits a payphone to call in the findings to the SSR, faking the most ludicrous and amusing American accent. Sousa and Krzeminski hop in their rides to investigate. Meanwhile, a Brannis-thug wearing a wifebeater busts in on Peggy and they brawl. It’s a really rough tumble. Rough enough that, when Jarvis gets there, he takes a beating too and Peggy has to use the “constrictor” to break the wifebeater’s arm. Now…last week, I complained about Atwell’s athleticism, or lack thereof. She sought to prove me wrong with this fight scene. It was really tense and well done. It must be tough to create that kind of suspense when the audience knows the star will not die – moreover, live on to be in ‘Winter Soldier’ half a century later.

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Jarvis and Peggy bolt before the agents arrive, meaning there’s no way they’d be able to assume props for uncovering the stolen weapons. The agents pack up the cache amid expectations of getting promotions and load the thug into Krzeminski’s ride. They get tailed by a shady character whose face we don’t see. He rear-ends Krzeminski, prompting the agent to get out and act tough. And it’ll be his last act ever because Mr. Shady guns the agent down in the street. Despite the wifebeater thug’s pleas for his life, he loses his too. It’s a capper to a satisfying episode chock full of reveals, but low on intrigue for a show about spies.

I enjoy this show and I don’t have any real gripes about the episode. It’s weird though how bad things happen to supporting characters and the viewers are never put into a position to care. Molly getting kicked out – I don’t even think we spent two minutes with her last week. So what if she’s put out on the street? Killing Agent Krzeminski is the type of thing that is supposed to shake up a series, but he’s kind of come off as an unlikeable jackass so far, and his dying meant zero to me. Now, Sousa, on the other hand…that would’ve had some impact because we know him to be a good guy who’s sweet on Peggy. That’s all I’ve got on the matter. It was refreshing to learn more about Jarvis, and Peggy had a kickass fight scene. Grade: B-.

Next episode comes in two weeks and it will apparently feature Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark again. I hope Peggy asks him why he’s so bent on building world-ending tech because that dude might be psychotic.

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