Welcome to the future. On this, the very first podcast of 2015, Cyborg Jeremy and Clone Jason sit in their hoverchairs (or as some call them, jazzy scooters) to talk about everything that has happened in the pop culture trendsphere.

THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW (sorry, I don’t know why I yelled that…)

–Do you want to hear two guys complain about the Ant-Man trailer? Luck is your lady!

–Do you need to hear podcast history be made as action figure Kurt Russell is freed from his tomb and possibly licked? More luck!

–Do you crave Future #TacoTalks about a fast food giant’s hand in the death of a superhero franchise and a french fry shortage that will chill you to your core? We can’t stop!

–How about porn search trends from last year (the general public’s, not Jeremy’s)? We also have that for you and so much if you listen to this 100% authentic podcast from RadioBastard. A company whose robot overlords care.

–Jeremy and Jason SAVE HOLLYWOOD by spitballing a few ideas for Canadian James Bond (who is now a public domain character in some nations) and discuss the value of time capsules, selfie-sticks, duck faces, and woolen condoms.

–Also, TJ Miller in Deadpool is the comic book movie rumor du jour, but who will he play?

–Back to the Future II and the Year 2015: AN EXPOSE.

–And Jeremy and Jason put together an end of the world mix tape that is certainly better than what CNN has in the que.


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