Danny Devito Weighs In On ‘Gotham’s Penguin


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia returned to television last week for its tenth season and star Danny Devito was making the publicity rounds at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour to promote the show. Access Hollywood attended and asked Devito the question a lot of us were wondering about, “What’s he think of the new Penguin (Robin Taylor) on Gotham?”


Devito said:

I’ve watched the show. I think he’s a very good young Penguin. He’s a terrific actor.

I’m so glad he’s watched the show, because I hate it when an actor hasn’t even seen what they are being asked about. I understand it, but hate the canned answer we usually get when someone is asked a question about something they haven’t really seen.

You might have heard that Gotham was picked up for a second season last week. That’s not really unexpected as the show is doing well in the ratings and with a majority of fans. Access also asked Devito if he had any interest in making an appearance on Gotham.

I don’t know about that. Again, it’s all about the schedules and the parts and like how the thing is written and what it would be and there are so many particulars.

I imagine they could work out the schedules if they really wanted him. What do you think about Devito making an appearance? We haven’t met Penguin’s father on the show yet and that would be an interesting role for Devito and a nice nod to his past as the Penguin in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.


I’d love to see a scene or two between Carol Kane (Gotham Penguin’s Mother) and Devito. Throw in Taylor and you’ve got the potential for some great on-screen magic.

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