The Justice League movie may seem a fair way off yet. Its official release date isn’t until 2017, that’s two full years for those of us counting on our fingers, but apparently things are moving along nicely with the script. Perhaps a little too nicely! Why, and how, could this positive script process be a problem? Well, unlike the problems with David S. Goyer‘s rather disappointing script for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, we’re hearing rumors that the main issue with the Justice League script is that it’s suffering from quite the opposite, a maze like overabundance of characters and situations.

The script is being compared to Patton Oswalt‘s ad-libbed filibuster on Parks and Recreation – in which he effortlessly creates a four-way mash-up mixing The Avengers, Thanos, Hercules, and even the X-Men with his version of the script for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – it seems that the script is way too complicated, long and esoteric that nobody apart from geeks will understand what the frack is actually going on.

Tech Times is reporting that is the issue at hand, but when considering that the film is in such an early stage of development, it only seems inevitable that things are going to change – including script rewrites. So while the script is apparently suffering from a deluge of cryptic nerdgasms and Easter Eggs, there is no doubt that many of those elements will have to be simplified for the general movie-goer.

However, there is one particular aspect that was reported about the script that has come up more than a few times before, one mentioned enough to ring with an element of truth, and it is a major spoiler.

Just a word of warning people: this next piece of information contains a massive:



You’re past the point of no spoilers so here it is. Tech Times is also naming the villain that will be attempting to wreak havoc on our lovely blue planet. You’ll recognize him and it’s not the first time his name has popped up. The DC villain we’re referring to is Brainiac, and the first part of the Justice League movie is apparently codenamed Brainiac’s Saga for pre-production. Even more interesting is that Brainiac is rumored to be the New 52 Brainiac, meaning that his name is Vril Drox.


We all know that Warner Bros. are playing catch-up with their cinematic universe, and the general consensus is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is merely a platform setting up the two-part Justice League movies. BvSDoJ has an overabundance of characters being introduced, various unresolved plot points from Man of Steel that director Zack Snyder is apparently aiming to iron out, and looks like a film in danger of being an overblown mess if it isn’t handled properly.

People seem to forget that it took Marvel more than a few movies to set up their Cinematic Universe (the mediocre The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton anybody?) and get to the point where they are now. The point where Marvel can introduce and market a talking, gun wielding Racoon and walking-talking-tree with a three-word vocabulary, making them global sensations in Guardians of the Galaxy without stuffing too much into one movie.


DC is cranking out some fine television in the form of Arrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Supergirl series. Personally, I think this will all boil down to the marketing of the Justice League. Will fans be able to keep the two separate, will fans want them to? Personally, I feel that some of the characters from the small-screen should be part of the big screen outing instead of recasting every role.

By the time Justice League hits theaters we’ll have had some time to get used to seeing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Ezra Miller as The Flash. I do find it interesting that Green Arrow has not been cast or made a part of DC’s Movie Universe yet. Stephen Amell has a huge following and that allows fans to cling to hope that Amell might make the small to big screen conversion by the time DC decides to include Green Arrow.

Those wondering if Ryan Reynolds might be back as Green Lantern should bury that thought along with the profits Green Lantern made at the box office. Reynolds has moved on and will finally be embracing the comic book super hero role he was born to play when Deadpool starts filming in Vancouver later this spring. DC should move beyond the Hal Jordan character and cast a John Stewart or Guy Gardner to fill the Lantern role.

Can Warner Bros. pull this one out of the bag? Let’s wait and see.

What do you think of Brainiac being the main villain in the Justice League movie?

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