The Flash returns tonight (fiiiiiiiinally) on the CW, and while the new episode called “Return of the Rogues” refers specifically to Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), the rogue that really has fans curious is The Man in the Yellow Suit, AKA: Reverse-Flash. Who is he? Why did he – apparently – go back in time to kill Barry Allen’s mom and frame his dad for it? Both good questions, and ones that I think will be answered to some degree by the end of the first season. Every fan has their theory, but now The Flash himself, actor Grant Gustin, says to throw those theories out the window because even he was surprised by what’s coming with this season’s end.

While talking to Entertainment Weekly about the second half of The Flash’s first season, Gustin said that there’s “still more to find out” about Reverse Flash. Presumably, these findings will go beyond the last minute revelation at the end of the previous episode before the new year where we saw that Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) has a yellow Flash suit and can talk in the freaky Reverse Flash voice. Red herring, anyone?

“There’s a big twist that even surprised me. I’ve seen all the predictions online,” Gustin added. “No one has predicted the big twist that’s coming at the end of this season.”

Of course that’s what they always say, “no one will ever guess.” So we’ll try and guess anyway, and Nerd Bastards own Aspry Jones has his own idea:

Barry’s dad is 90s show Barry/Flash from an alt timeline. He’s the one who tried to save his wife from Reverse Flash. He let himself get arrested to protect his secret.

Considering how much the series has gone out of its way to bring in actors from CBSThe Flash series in roles exactly the same, or almost like, their original roles – Amanda Pays as Tina McGee, Mark Hamill as The Trickster, John Wesley Shipp as Barry’s dad – Aspry’s theory is relatively sound. I’m not sure how the timing works out on that, but if Barry 2014 is 25 years old, then that means his mother would have been killed around 2000 or 2001, about 10 years after Barry 1990 became The Flash according to the original series. Okay, now I have a headache.

It’s a good theory though. Shipp’s character is called Henry, another name for which is Harry, which rhymes with Barry…. Interesting, huh? The flip side is that at some point, Barry 2014 will find himself drawn back in time to fight or while fighting the Reverse Flash. Episode 15 of The Flash will reportedly deal, in some way, with time travel, so the door will be open.

The Flash returns tonight at 8 pm on The CW

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