After losing one of their own at Rape Hospital in Atlanta and seeing all hope for the end of the zombie apocalypse go up in smoke, the rag tag survivors of The Walking Dead seem to be falling on some of the worst times they’ve had since their prison home was shut down by The Governor. Of course, things are never easy for Rick Grimes and Co., but for a brief shiny moment in the fourth season there was triumph – escaping from Terminus and re-uniting – and there was hope for a better tomorrow. My, how quickly things change in about six or seven episodes. With just a couple of weeks to go till the midseason premiere, the AMC is giving us another sneak peak at what’s to come.

From the looks of it, both the footage we’ve seen so far and the new trailer below, our favorite band of zombie survivors will be back out on the road, but without a direction now that all their previous safe harbors are kaput. And with the revelation that Eugene is a big fat phoney in terms of being a genius virologist, there’s now no reason to go to Washington D.C. either. So what do they do?

Season four of the show has been pretty good so far, thanks in no small part to the forward momentum over the various goals of the group: finding Beth, getting to D.C., etc. But now that there are no goals, might the show meander and be listless in function for its characters and have that listlessness reflected in the narrative momentum of the show? It’s possible. On the other hand, it looks like our heroes do find some kind of safe haven, and there’s lots of zombie fighting in there as well. Plus, there’s the interesting ongoing philosophical questions of the show. Is mere survival enough even in a world beyond broken? Can one still be civilized in a world without civilization? From the sounds of it, the balance of season four will deal with those questions head on.

Here’s the synopsis for season 4B courtesy of AMC:

After the tragic events of the mid-season finale–as well as losing the possibility of a cure in Washington, DC–Rick Grimes’ band of survivors find themselves on the road, surviving day to day and trying to hold on to their shredded humanity and dwindling hope.

Stripped of security and without a direction for the future, some of the group near their breaking point, some find themselves hardened and cold and some just try to grasp on to what little they have left.

Though they are still breathing, the line between Rick’s group and the dead is starting to blur.

Could there be anything at this point that brings them back to life?

Here’s the latest sneak peak at the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead returns for the back half of its fourth season on February 8.

Source: AMC

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