Stan Lee is the Where’s Waldo of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I personally can’t settle down at a Marvel movie screening until I see Stan “The Man”Lee’s smiling face flash across the big screen. Now we’ve got proof that Stan will cameo anything, anywhere, at anytime.

While many might be aware of Kpop, most don’t really understand the reach and power that music has across the globe. So when Clara was visiting the US for some business meetings and meet Stan Lee, it wasn’t long until she had Lee making a cameo in her newest music video.


Now I really can’t figure out what the hell is going on in the video, something about good girls falling for bad boys or something all played out with music, dancing and hand gestures. Stan Joins the fun at the 4:11 mark if you find yourself overcome with a sudden urge to kill something… anything… while watching this video.

The video is doing well on YouTube with over half a million views. It’s worth it to see Stan making his Kpop debut and busting some hand gesture moves. The look on his face as he does them is priceless. 92 years old and now he’s a Kpop star.

I’m betting Stan will have legions of fans coming up to him at conventions while going through those hand gestures. Hopefully he won’t think he is being attacked and call in security.

Via: Kotaku

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