Greetings, Nerd Bastards readers, Jake here from The Hall of Comics – where heroes shop. I’m a bag and boarded professional. My passion (and business) is to read, write about and sell comics. In an alliance forged in the stars, The Hall of Comics will be dropping by Nerd Bastards weekly, to bring you the latest word and the weeks best pulls in comics. So sit back, grab a snack, and check out what latest comic titles you should be reading.


This week’s books are a sampler platter; it doesn’t matter what publisher, genre, or character that you’re into, there are plenty of titles to try. One of my underdogs to root for continues to be Winter World. Can’t understand why this book isn’t on more people’s lips. The cast of this Mad Max adventure on ice continues to grow in issue #6, and with it the threats. If you’re a fan of Walking Dead but you want to take a break from zombies, or maybe you’re into post apocalyptic stories in general, it’s not too late to jump on this book. The dynamic between the two protagonists, a lone survivor and a 14-year old girl searching for her parents, makes for an interesting relationship. It’s one of my “no-brainer” books – I know I’ll be entertained regardless of what happens.


Sticking with the post apocalyptic theme (a genre I’ve always been partial to), Crossed Plus 100 by Alan Moore is another series that I expect will be gathering more attention soon. Perhaps the slang used in this future vision of the Crossed reality is a turnoff ’cause it requires interpretation on the part of the reader. I’ve enjoyed how that makes me slow down as I read it and examine what each character is revealing. That in turn creates a thoughtful peace in this story that takes place 100 years after “the infected” have ravaged the earth in the Crossed stories we’ve seen before. Now, the “Church faces” appear to be nearly extinct. A small group travels across America archiving evidence of life over a century ago, and they discover some mysterious clues as to what the Crossed have been up to in the meantime. Let’s face it, Alan Moore can’t write a bad book.


The cover of Batman & Robin #38 might very well bring in some new readers. This is the first story since Damian Wayne gained Superman-level powers in the Robin Rises: Alpha one shot. You may not be surprised at how that development affects the father-son team, but any predictability makes seeing Batman & Robin together again no less entertaining. It doesn’t look as tho’ Peter J. Tomasi is going to rush things, and I’m glad. He even takes a time out to address a plot point I imagine a lot of us had forgotten about and would’ve been fine with if it hadn’t come up again. But touching on it makes for a nice insight with the new-and-improved Damian. I’ve always enjoyed Patrick Gleason’s robust pencils. You can tell he’s having fun depicting Robin as he resists a barrage of gunfire. I originally bristled at the idea of Super Robin – it smells of Silver Age silliness. A gimicky holdover of a back-from-the-dead story that was hackneyed to begin with. But this issue put my criticisms aside for now and drew me into a satisfying story that reminded me why so many of us like the Damian character and just made me glad that he’s back.


Does a Star Trek/Planet of the Apes mashup seem ridiculous to you? It shouldn’t. This wedding is a natural and fans of either, even if you dislike the other, should be reading this guilty pleasure. The second issue picks up steam after more exposition than I would’ve liked in #1. There are still moments when characters are explaining events to one another that they should already know because it’s for our benefit. And even we can reason it out. But that’s kept to a page or two, and much more headway is made as Kirk and company dive headlong into the ape world. This book’s real strength is Rachael Stott who seems to have figured out the trick to depicting live characters we’ve seen on screen: don’t draw William Shatner, draw Captain Kirk! Regardless of the pose or expression, Stott captures each character’s qualities effortlessly in a clean and simple quality. Some weird part of me enjoyed seeing Charlie Heston in a comic book and I can’t wait to see Taylor vs Kirk in a too-tempting-to-avoid face off! My only complaint is that there isn’t equal time given to the Klingon/Gorilla alliance. C’mon, Scott & David Tipton – talking gorillas could sell an Eskimo a refrigerator! Hopefully we’ll get more bad guys before much longer.


This week, I saved my favorite read for last. Boom! is describing their new 8-issue series Burning Fields as “Zero Dark Thirty” meets “The Thing”. You don’t get that analogy from the first installment, but you do get a very smartly written and mature thriller. A series of ritualistic murders have occurred around an Iraqi oil field that’s overseen by Verge, a private military company. Dana Atkinson, a dishonorably discharged army investigator who’s butted heads with Verge in the past, is reluctantly drawn into the investigation and we hit the ground running. This is the kind of book that TV and film studios clamor for. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable blending of genres that gives you a first-issue page turner most new series can only hope for. Kudos to writers Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel and penciller Colin Lorimer.

So you’ve got plenty to mull over this week. Go with your gut but don’t be afraid to try something different while you’re at it. And if that new comic feels a little deflated, don’t worry. It only means you’ll be able to grip it a little better.

Alright kiddies, that’s it for me this week. Tune in next week for another addition of “Meanwhile at The Hall of Comics”. Wanna know what else is out this week? Check out the full list of releases at The Hall of Comics NEW RELEASE page HERE.

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