You’d think that the man FOX put in charge of their comic book movies might have some things to say about Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot, but you’d be wrong. Last week Matthew Vaughn tried to reassure fans that the movie was in good hands and that he liked what he has seen. Millar on the other hand, dances around the subject like Fred Astaire’s electronic ghost in a vacuum cleaner ad. Why would he do that? Because he hasn’t even seen it yet.

First off, let’s get this out-of-the-way. I love the Fantastic Four and still hold out hope that this movie will capture what makes the Fantastic Four awesome, a sense of family and all the troubles that come along with families. So while I am going to take some shots at this reboot and what Millar says, I still want to see this movie succeed.

Millar is out doing the publicity rounds for Matthew Vaughn‘s Kingsman: The Secret Service based off Millar’s comic book series.While out and about Sky Movies asked Milar about Trank’s FF4 reboot and the negative rumors floating around the production. Pay close attention and crank up the sound. You can hear a faint tapping as Millar dances around the question.

Here’s what he said:

Josh Trank the guy who is directing it, is a really smart guy. He and I spent a wee bit of time together when I was first doing this job, about a year and a half ago. And, what I think Fox is doing is very clever. They’ll get a great director on board. Like, a lot of people trust the character and just think this brand is going to be fine. But you can’t trust the brand because the brand can be done badly, you know. But if you get a good director that is the cornerstone you build everything on. And with Bryan Singer doing the X-Men or James Mangold doing The Wolverine, Josh Trank doing Fantastic Four – it all feels in very good hands. It all comes down to the director. It’s the same characters in all of these movie but the work stands or falls based on the director, and Josh is fantastic! What he is going to do is unlike anything anyone is anticipating. There is a cut kicking around but I haven’t seen it yet. So, I’m expecting big things.

OK, so he is expecting big things, but hasn’t seen the cut going around…

Does this sound crazy to anyone else? I know Millar is probably insanely busy, but someone at FOX can’t get him a copy to check out? He’s supposed to be in charge of the FOX Superhero Universe or whatever the hell they are calling it this week, but can’t be bothered to know what is going on? I don’t expect him to be reviewing dailies, but at least keep up with the important production milestones, like when a first cut of the movie is available to see.

I think the lack of transparency and a focused message, besides the “everything is alright” that everyone remotely connected with the movie is dishing out, is what is really hurting this movie. Why haven’t we had some fun Tweets or Instagrams from Trank? Where’s the fun on set shenanigans that actors always post during production? It’s this lack of ANY information that is driving the negative rumors.

I don’t think it is Trank’s choice. You might remember that Trank posted a picture of the Thing that was quickly taken back down. I think FOX has shut off the social media tap for the production. Putting the kibosh on anyone posting anything not fully approved. Otherwise we might have seen more from a group of actors and a director that were social media active before the FF4 production started.

When you’ve got a movie that fans want to know about, let them know some stuff. Yes, some will be upset about some thing or another, but the lack of information is truly disturbing.

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