Word is making the Internet rounds that Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave, Serenity) is currently in early talks with Marvel for a role in Doctor Strange. Marvel has already locked up Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. What role might the Oscar nominated actor be playing? Let’s speculate… I do so love to speculate.

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news, but Marvel has no comment on the story so far. That’s Marvel’s standard operating procedure when it comes to casting. They announce when they want to and all we’ll hear until then is rumors or statements from Marvel insiders who will be vague and unspecific, not ruling out anything or anyone until the official announcement.

Now there are a number of roles he could play.Let’s take a look at some.

Strange Tales #132 - Page 26

He could be one of the movie’s villains Baron Mordo. Mordo was the Ancient One’s apprentice until Stephen Strange came along and usurped his position and the eventual mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. There’s a lot of hate there and I don’t see any problems with Ejiofor taking on this role opposite Cumberbatch. Those scenes would be riveting.

Next up is one role that some think he might be brought in for, but I just don’t see happening. Doctor Strange’s manservant Wong.


Wong is one kick-ass character, but I don’t see Marvel making the ethnic change to the character when they already go out of their way to include Chinese actors and actresses to comply with China’s cinematic laws and open Marvel movies for production and screenings in China. What better way to maximize that huge movie going audience than casting a major Chinese actor in that pivotal role. It won’t be about ethnicity as much as it is gaining more access to Chinese movie theaters.


Some sites are pointing towards the Ancient One, but I get the feeling that role might be going to none other than Al Pacino.


There is still another villain, Dormammu that might make an appearance and Ejiofor would be great in that role as well as the Baron Mordu role. Dormammu would be a good villain for Ejiofor to play and could appear in other Marvel movies after Doctor Strange. Just as Thanos is the big Space villain, Dormammu would be the big Mystical villain.


I do want to throw out one more Marvel role that might make an appearance in Doctor Strange and could lead to more movies, Jericho Drumm, aka Brother Voodoo who became Doctor Voodoo when Doctor Strange passed on job of Sorcerer Supreme to Doctor Voodoo. Now that passing of power and responsibility certainly isn’t going to happen in Doctor Strange, but perhaps Marvel is looking forward and positioning Ejiofor for a role that would grow bigger with each Marvel movie he appeared in. Much like Sebastian Stan‘s role as Bucky, who became the Winter Soldier and is believed by many to be the successor to Chris Evans’ Captain America role.

Director Scott Derrickson will be in charge when Doctor Strange starts shooting some time after Captain America: Civil War, wraps up its shooting schedule. Until then we should start to hear more about the casting of the other roles in Doctor Strange which hits theater screens November 4th, 2016.

Which role do you think he should play?

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