Now that 2015 has fully rung itself in, let’s make with something new in the way of an all new Loot Crate! If you haven’t already heard, subscription box services are quickly becoming a popular ‘thing‘ and Loot Crate is arguably one of the more popular ones available. Once a month, and for less than $20 USD including shipping, the guys and gals at Loot Crate fill up a little black box with geeky nerdy little things just for you! Pretty sweet of them if you ask me. Plus, they promise that each box will be of at least $40 USD in value!

Now, before you grumble about how they clearly sent this to me for free, (and I will obviously say nice fluffy, buttery things about them for doing that) they didn’t. I am paying for this service, so my twenty bucks (well… more like $30 since I am a Canadian, but anyway,) my cash is on the line just like yours. Did January’s Loot Crate satiate my nerdy cravings? Will I find what my geeky heart desires? Let’s open the thing up and see…

Each month follows a theme, and since January’s theme is ‘Rewind’, it has us feeling very nostalgic and walking down memory lane. Yes it is a trip back to the 80’s and 90’s so one can only assume the box will contain Ronald Reagan trading cards and a copious amount of neon and pastels mashed together.

Only kidding; this box is a celebration of geek and gaming icons of the past, and the moment you open the box, it delivers.


As promised, this month’s Loot Crate contains an exclusive and licensed shirt from Flophouse. A Voltron blueprint one no less. In their words: “Whether you’re defending the universe or defending your place on the sofa, you’ll look great doing it in this uber-Exclusive T-shirt design available for a chosen few – you, the Loot Crate Community. Its contemporary fit is soft and comfortable and flatters any physique!”


My words? While I love the design, I found the actual material of the shirt a bit thin. It looks great but I don’t know how long it’d stand up to the general wear and tear a good t-shirt should. Best saved for times that call for a Voltron blueprint t-shirt.



loot-crate-0115-03Next is another exclusive: A 10-Doh! figure from Squid Kids. What is a 10-Doh figure? I didn’t know either. They seem to be anthropomorphic NES cartridges with classic 8-bit games mashed-up with popular TV shows and movies. As you can see I got one with a definite Firefly/Duckhunt feel to it and if you strain your eyes in the photo you can see the others available such as a Dr. Mario/Doctor Who one, two with Back to The Future references, something mixed with Mars Attacks , and A Hogan’s Alley/Fifth Element mash-up (that, personally, I would have preferred, but hey, you pay your money, you take your chances.)



loot-crate-0115-05It feels a bit redundant to keep saying ‘exclusive,’ but they are! Try as you might you will not get a pair of 8-bit themed Loot Crate sunglasses anywhere.  That is assuming you want a pair of 8-bit themed Loot Crate sunglasses. Don’t get me wrong, they are neat looking, and 8-bit is cool again, right? Just not sure I’d ever actually wear these out in public.



loot-crate-0115-04This, on the other hand, I fully intend to wear out in public as much as possible. By far the coolest item in the box for my money is the Black Tie Geek skinny Space Invaders tie. From a distance it looks simply like a stylish checkerboard patterned tie, get up close and BAM! Aliens invaders ready swarm over you with their ‘down and to the left’ strategy. I love this thing.



loot-crate-0115-06This is another neat little addition that I never knew I wanted. A comic book notebook from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild. As you can see, each page is filled with comic panels ready for note taking and doodling. Oh sure, since it is technically a notebook, I suppose you could use it just for jotting down things to remember, but just writing “get milk from store” is boring. With this you can plot out an epic adventure filled with ninja battles and a daring escape from a pirate ship (…that ends with remembering to get milk from the store).




Do you like Star Wars? Do you like variant covers? Then January was probably the best month in your life since Marvel Comics flooded comic shop shelves with variant covers celebrating the million copy selling release of Star Wars #1 (reviewed here.) This month, Loot Crate had a (you guessed it,) EXCLUSIVE Star Wars #1 variant cover featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca doing Han and Chewie type things. Of the 89(!) variant covers, this one by artist Gabriele Dell’Otto stands out as one of the best and is a welcome addition to any Star Wars collectors home.




Lastly, as with every crate, the shipping package itself folds out and transforms into to something that coincides with the months theme. With the theme ‘Rewind’ on geeks and gamers of the 80’s and 90’s, the box flips into an NES looking game console that you can use to fool your more gullible friends (“Nah dude, you are totally playing a hyper-realistic Friends video game, now make Chandler say something smarmy.”) Also, there is the ever-present Loot Crate pin and magazine, this month featuring articles on the enduring allure of Voltron and Nintendo.

January’s Loot Crate scores well for me, not the strongest I have received but still worth the price of admission. A nice shirt, a few more goofy little geeky things to put on the shelf in the nerd cave and a sweet ass Space Invaders skinny tie. Did I mention I like the tie?

Want in on this?

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