This sort of thing happens all the time in Hollywood, people slip in and out of productions, much like the normal person changes underwear or socks, but Relativity Studios might need to seek out the services of an Exorcist, because first they lost a director (F. Javier Gutiérrez), who was later replaced by Corin Hardy. Now they’ve lost their Crow star Luke Evans.

There were a few rumors last month about Evans leaving, but now TheWrap is confidant enough to call it official. What does this mean to the Crow Reboot/Remake/Relaunch? Well, it means that unless Relativity Studios gets moving quickly on recasting the lead that shooting might not start on time, which means money lost on a production that most likely can’t afford any wasted capital.

Should this concern you? Well, yes. It should. Will they be able to recast another actor with Evans’ current talent and track record? Who ever ends up with the role has an uphill battle on their hands. Crow fans will always hold them up to Brandon Lee‘s original and it’s hard to beat the legend of the dearly departed.

I imagine that Jared Leto will face much the same type of battle when he stars in Suicide Squad as the Joker. As the first actor to play the Joker on the big screen after Heath Ledger‘s incredible performance, Leto will have to overcome fan expectations of the role as well as live up to the legacy left in the wake of Ledger’s death after that very memorable performance.

Word is that the delay in production caused by Gutiérrez‘s departure lead to Evans eventual departure because of other projects that are ready to begin.

Who would you like to replace Evans?

Better still, who do you think Relativity Studios can get to replace Evans?

Via: The Wrap


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