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Let’s say you’re a mega-studio that owns everything and run by a high-pitched, talking rodent. You just wrapped on a movie than expands the universe of an iconic trilogy, paving the way for new blood to take the reigns and star in future related films. What do you do? Do you accept the fact that your original cast is aging and it’s time for said new blood to run like wild horses? Or do you refuse to let go of the older characters and rehash them into a prequel type spinoff of the aforementioned iconic trilogy? I know what I would do, but I’m not a falsetto rat, and I barely own the clothes on my back. So let’s talk instead about what he might be doing.

Gareth Edwards seems set to fire up a Star Wars spinoff for Disney starring Han Solo and Boba Fett. At first, everybody was chirping about these guys getting their own film, but now it’s sounding like a ‘Tango & Cash’ affair. Which could be a problem because, if you remember correctly, Darth Vader froze Solo in carbonite and Boba Fett sold the stiff to Jabba The Hutt. Later on, Han would escape and kill Fett in the douchiest way possible. So, they were dicks to each other, no question. Not friends by a long shot. But if this rumor is true, we may be touching on a possible former alliance between the two criminals during their younger days.

I could go into this deeper, but someone did it better already, and I’m just gonna copy/paste a few reasons why some people are thinking that this movie is being made. Latino Review likey do the cha-cha!

Making Star Wars has some bullet points they obtained by talking to sources inside Pinewood Studios that flesh out where this non-trilogy film is going to look like:

  • – Expect more on-location shooting than for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • – Crew members are hearing their start dates now.
  • – Many believe they are doing a lot of work on-location in Mexico for the first spin-off.
  • – There have been some Star Wars: The Force Awakens re-shoots going down recently at Pinewood using some of those people.
  • – Bounty hunters are important to the film.
  • – Painters are expected to redress some set pieces from The Force Awakens and there are lots of cost cutting measures like that in place for the first spin-off film. Most of the reshoot materials are to be saved when possible for this reason.

That’s a whole bunch of vagueries that are JUST enough for some major Star Wars speculation.

Okay so some things are happening that look like some stuff and boom – movie rumor. Got it.

I like Latino Review because when they score, they score. And when they bomb, they bomb hard and don’t care. They just keep on fiddlin’ and we just keep on bobbing our heads to the tune. I don’t like this movie idea because, as far as I’m concerned, there’s only one Han Solo and his name is Indiana Jones! Boba Fett, however, would be a cool character to bring back because the kid who played young Boba in that marginal movie from a few years ago is 27 and looks like this now:

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But, of course, they’d never re-hire him for the role. Because I don’t like this movie concept to begin with – if they’re gonna do it anyway, why not keep disappointing me? (sigh) It’s because I’m a broke human being humiliated by a high voiced mouse. Yet, on the other hand, it’s ‘Star Wars.’ Give me more ‘Star Wars’ all the time.

Source – Latino Review

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