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With Warner Bros. set on quickly expanding their DC Cinematic Universe, it comes as no surprise that more news is starting to surface regarding the future of Guillermo del Toro‘s movie adaptation of Justice League Dark. Having managed to juggle his fantastically busy schedule; writing and handing in a finished screenplay to the suits at Warner just before Christmas, this is by no means a transient money-grabber for the ever-proverbial workaholic. Guillermo has been working on the project alongside the studio for many years now, and it seems that both parties want to knock things into gear–or at least kick-start the creative engine. With no solidified release date in sight yet, we have news on potential characters who could be set to feature in the dark superhero franchise.

Justice League Dark is a different beast altogether when compared to other DC fare. However, while Justice League Dark has a far heavier tone and features less relatable superheroes than the universally loved Batman, Superman and Wonder Womans, there’s no doubt that it will end up being a fundamental part of the DC Cinematic Universe, that will facilitate in the expansion of their plans to match–or even overtake–Marvel’s already established Cinematic Universe.

A reporter from Latino-Review (who have had more misses than hits lately), has tipped off a list of characters that could be featuring in del Toro’s superhero tent-pole. The “hot rumor,” has John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and Jason Blood a.k.a. Etrigan the Demon, set as main characters in the feature adaptation.

The thing to note here is the addition of Jason Blood, whom is the only character that del Toro hasn’t mentioned before. Not wanting to start a debate over semantics here, but we’d take the “hot” from that rumor and replace it with the more fitting “lukewarm,” as it isn’t exactly an earth-shattering revelation. However, the addition of Etrigan the Demon will be enough to suffice our daily dose of near insatiable need for del Toro/Justice League Dark news.


While del Toro has been constantly touted as the “master of horror,” it’s rather disappointing that  Swamp Thing failed to get a mention in this latest rumor. As a lover of monster-fare, if there is one person who can bring Swamp Thing to the big-screen without making him cheesy, then del Toro is definitely the man for the job. Regardless, it’s only a rumor, and there’s still every bit the chance that other characters will be included, that’s if the film gets the official go ahead.

Allow us to introduce you to the gang (that’s if you haven’t already been following their misadventures in the comics):


John Constantine has been receiving a lot of attention lately in David S. Goyer‘s TV adaptation on NBC, Constantine starring Matt Ryan. Placed in the Friday night death-slot, and starting off with an extremely messy pilot (which was directed by the superb Neil Marshall, who is Game of Thrones‘ go-to guy for big battle series conclusions), it was subject to re-casts and a change in direction due to the reception of the pilot which could have come across as rather confusing to casual viewers (if there was ever an omen for the fate of a TV show…). NBC remained dubious about ordering a back nine, finally going ahead with the order, but fate of the show remains unknown for now. When portrayed properly in the Hellblazer comics John Constantine is an irreverent occult detective with a penchant for chain-smoking and sarcastic witticisms. His vast knowledge of the mystic arts helps him fight against evil.


Just going by her costume alone (or lack of in this case), Zatanna is also a master of the arts who can make things disappear faster than a politician in a “knocking shop.” She is a practicing stage magician with genetic powers that were passed down to her by her mother, who was a Homo magi. Zatanna is a powerful spell-caster in the DC Universe.


His name is pretty self-explanatory giving that Deadman is a ghost. A trapeze artist who was murdered during a performance, Boston Brand returned as a ghostly figure by the Hindu goddess Rama Kushna, and was gifted with the ability to possess any living being to exact revenge and serve justice to those responsible for his death. When Deadman is not possessing the living, he is an intangible and invisible sentient, who can fly.

Etrigan The Demon

It’s great to see the inclusion of Etrigan the Demon mentioned in the latest rumor as a potential candidate in del Toro’s Justice Dark League, as we have all seen what he is capable of with prosthetics and old school SFX. For example, the five-minute walk-through in the Troll Market in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is a scene that takes me back to such scenes as the Cantina Scene in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It really is that good (anyway, I digress). Etrigan is a demon with violent tendencies, who fights for the good guys. The muscular humanoid creature is a commander of mystic forces, and has a penchant for sadomasochism, this enables him to enjoy pain; exert huge strength, and project hellfire.

Do you want to see Swamp Thing joining the pack of misfits fighting against evil? What about some concrete confirmation that this film is actually happening? Let us know!!!

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