In a case of classic sibling rivalry, it seems that from Liam Hemsworth‘s point of view, if his big brother is going to save the world from aliens, then he’s going to get his chance too. Hemsworth, the younger brother of Thor star Chris Hemsworth, is the latest rumored cast addition to the sequel of the alien invasion, landmark exploding, 1996 hit from Roland Emmerich. Much of the casting speculation has had to do with returning cast members, who would be back for another go after surviving the first invasion in Independence Day, but with Will Smith reportedly sitting out the next chapter, the film will need a new fighter jock hunk to lead the charge when the aliens return, and it’s hard to get hunkier than a Hemsworth.

Courtesy of the TheWrap we’re getting word this morning that Hemsworth has been offered the lead role in ID4-2. What that role is, or who Hemsworth would be playing if hired, is not a revelation made with the news in that last sentence. My guess would be that like two-out-of-three main characters in the original film, Hemsworth would play a military man of some kind, perhaps a next gen fighter jock that flies aircraft built by back engineereing alien technology. I would note that Hemsworth playing a computer expert a la Jeff Goldblum in the first Independence Day could be possible, his brother did recently play a hacker to virtually no critical acclaim in Black Hat. It is plausible, in Hollywood terms, to be a stud and be a computer nerd, but I doubt they’d waste Hemsworth in such a role.


Obviously Liam Hemsworth is a brand name in acting if you’re looking for someone built like a beefcake, but with the soulful stubble of a man from the romance novel cover. From my point of view, he hasn’t impressed like his big brother yet. His biggest films to date are the Hunger Games series, in which he’s obviously playing the shorter end of the love triangle and the least complex of the two male leads, but other than that the only things I’ve seen him in are The Expendables 2, in which he was killed quickly to motivate Stallone and Co., and Paranoia, which focused too much on him and not enough on the Air Force One re-match between Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

If Hemsworth is coming onboard as the new action lead, then it still begs the question as to who from Part 1 will return. Bill Pullman and Goldblum remain a safe bet, reprising their roles of Pres. Tom Whitmore and “cable repair man” David Levinson respectively. There’s also been rumors that Randy Quaid might return despite a) his character dying in the first film, and b) the fact that he’s currently living in Canada somewhere out of fear of “Star Wackers” looking to eliminate him Philip Seymour Hoffman-style. (Google it!) Judd Hirsch and Robert Loggia are still available, and it would be fun to have Adam Baldwin back – he’s great in everything – but I think if anyone should come back to life for Independence Day 2 it should be Brent Spiner‘s Area 51 mad scientist.

Independence Day 2 is aiming to start production later this year for a release date of July 1, 2016, which, it’s worth noting, is actually Canada Day. We’ll have more news as it develops.

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