Chris and Chris

Alright, Marvel, you already have our money – now, two of your biggest stars have stolen our hearts with their off-screen “rivalry”.  In case you haven’t been paying attention to the Twitterverse, a couple of weeks back, Captain America and Star-Lord (or, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, if your prefer those monikers) decided to bet on the Big Game.  Now, the final pass has been thrown (and caught, albeit by the other team), and it is time to settle on that bet and, of course, the Two Chrises (I see a reality show in their somewhere) have decided to settle the bet in the best way possible.

So, if you missed it, here are the original tweets in which the gauntlet was thrown:

  Well, we all know how the game ended, so how did Pratt react to his team’s defeat?

Not to be outdone, Chris Evans turned out to be a pretty great sport, himself!

I don’t care who your favorite NFL team is, with stakes like these, it was tough not to root for one team or the other.  In the end, of course both of these very classy guys decided to do something wonderful for dozens of children.  That’s a better outcome than anyone could have hoped for, in my book.

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