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Right off the bat, we loved the sound of Chris Pratt a.k.a. Star-Lord (never gets old) starring in the film adaptation of the graphic novel Cowboy Ninja Viking. It’s just one of those genius casting choices that totally makes sense going by the source material. Moreover, Pratt’s transformation from funny-man/scene-stealer in Parks & Recreation, to all-round action guy in one of the biggest hits of last year, Guardians of the Galaxy, has been amazing to watch. Pratt’s able to seamlessly mix acting chops, one-liners, and the physique of a man of action, all of which he will test again in this summer’s Jurassic World. As for the movie version of CNV, it’s on the verge of locking down the masters of ‘Gun-kada’ themselves: David Leitch and Chad Stahelski to direct the film. They made the slickest action movie of last year, the Keanu Reeves-starring John Wick, but can they now mold Pratt into the ultimate warrior for Cowboy Ninja Viking?

Word on the street is that Pratt has met with Leitch and Stahelski – who were the stunt co-ordinators on all three of the Matrix movies – and he’s given them the stamp of approval with Universal as his choice for the directors’ chairs. With the star’s stamp of approval, the studio is now trying to lock the down the Leitch and Stahelski to co-direct the action film. According to insiders an offer has now gone out as the studio is wanting to fast-track the project given the high demand for Pratt these days.

Strahelski and Leitch’s directorial debut John Wick not only over-performed at the box office, but it was also a massive critical success with a 93 per cent certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes during its cinematic run. It is a sleek and sexy action movie and the choreographed fight scenes are spectacular using elements of Gun-kada/Gun-Fu (made famous in Equilibrium), alongside other mixed martial arts. The duo, who frequently work with Reeves, have been strutting their stuff as second unit directors and stunt co-ordinators in the industry for years now, and have worked on a vast array of heavy-hitting, big-name action films.


As for the original Cowboy Ninja Viking graphic novel, which was written by A.J. Lieberman with artwork provided by Riley Rossmo, it tells the story of a man who suffers from multiple personality disorder, only to be initiated into a governmental program that plans to turn him into a super-soldier. The side-effects though end up creating a three-way split that has the man implementing the physical attributes of a cowboy, a ninja, and a viking, except that he’s the only one that can perceive the transformation.

Despite the studio’s eagerness to roll camera and Pratt’s approval to star, there are still rumors that the film might not go ahead immediately due to Pratt’s commitments with the Magnificent Seven remake, which begins shooting early spring, followed by James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy sequel then being the next major priority. Still, Pratt has been tweeting about the project, and talking about how he wanted to make sure the film found the right director before they moved ahead any further with the project. Now that Pratt is loving Strahelski and Leitch’s vision for the film, it looks like things are moving in the right direction if all the other projects on Pratt’s busy plate don’t get in the way.


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Check out their work on John Wick in the awesome Gun-Fu club scene:

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