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It’s long been common knowledge around the Geek Train that Warner Bros. was putting together a live action ‘Teen Titans’ television show. Of course when producers get their hands on a piece of merchandise, they have to change things around, so none of the Titans will be teens at all. These adult heroes will be led by Robin and will feature a largely female cast from what we’re hearing through the grapevine. If you follow that vine long enough, you’ll land knee-deep in Nerdist country where Jessica Chobot reports on a leaked script of the pilot, and everything she knows about it. Well, now we know what she knows, and we’re gonna sing like birds. Birds Of Prey, that is. Hint, hint. Hawks and Doves, that is! Hint! Hint!

I’ve said too much…

Dick Grayson is still Robin. I wouldn’t mind that much if he were still a teen, and putting him in Boston instead of Bludhaven is kind of stupid to me. As per the report, he’s on his way to becoming Nightwing, so my patience won’t be too tested, I guess. But Boston? I like him doing his cop thing, but seriously, what the hell is wrong with Bludhaven?

To make it even weirder, Batgirl is in it, but she’s already wheelchair bound and not going by the name Batgirl. The Oracle moniker might be in the mail, but so far there’s no info on that. She’s just Barbara Gordon for now. Chobot says Raven and Starfire will appear near the end, and as long as they appear, my bitch meter lowers significantly. But there’s no mention of Beast Boy whatsoever and with Cyborg set to show in ‘Dawn Of Justice’ and the subsequent Justice League flick, he might not be anywhere to be found in this project. That also means that, once again, a TV show gets to showcase a glaring lack of diversity because rounding out the character sheet is Hawk and Dove.


I’m not even going into it. I’ve talked about that issue til I was blue in the face and it’s gotten me nowhere. Moving on…

I’m basically only excited to see a badass depiction of Robin, then Nightwing. Moreover, I love the idea of Raven going live action because she’s always been a huge favorite of mine. But I’m shuddering at the idea of the producers overdoing it with the romance angle because you know that’s exactly what they’re going to do. They’re salivating at the concept of a Dick/Barbara/Starfire love triangle because, otherwise, there’s no real reason whatsoever to include Oracle in this group. NO OTHER REASON at all. You can disagree with me until the internet explodes, but I see the b.s. coming a mile away.

Hawk and Dove have definitely made their marks in the DC Universe, and they’re no strangers to Titan Tower, but there had to be better choices. Do I want to see them on television? Hell yeah I do. But there have been more cemented Titans in this group’s history and I think that a serious mistake is being made by choosing H&D over those team stalwarts.

But none of this is set in stone. Chobot could be lying. Script changes might be in effect as I write this. Maybe this isn’t even real life.

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