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There’s a ton of projects out there that I’d greenlight before a live action Astro Boy movie. One is Thundercats. But then Snarf would be in it and ruin everything. Another is He-Man done right. Dammit, we’d have to deal with Orko then, huh? Okay, what’s a cool, totally innocuous choice for movie-time USA? Maybe Astro Boy is a good idea after all. Hold on! ‘Battle Of The Planets’ is better than that! Huh? Japan’s on it already? Gatchaman what? Okay then whatever, give me Astro Boy – but you’d better make it ROCK!

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Hey did you guys know that Astro Boy was going to be a movie? Do you guys remember Astro Boy? It’s a character from 1952 and up, and I’m naturally surprised that we’ve never had a movie about him before. I mentioned a few 80’s references earlier, but the truth is, this guy is the O.G. This little guy was wholly influential in the very creation of anime. Basically, he’s the Babe Ruth of Japanese cartoons. Or something. Anyway, he’s stood the test of time and finally a studio – (Australia’s Animal Logic Entertainment partnered with Japan’s Tezuka Productions) is giving him some respect.

We just hope it doesn’t blow.

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