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Gentle reader, you find me a broken man, as well as a desperate fan boy. For the second week in a row, the Frost Giants of Jotunheim have managed to ambush our new comic book delivery. I must therefore summon all of my precognitive abilities and attempt to predict which titles will be worth your time and hard-earned money this week. Orrrrr I could just take a wild guess at which books will be super cool.

All guessing aside, the indie title that probably has the most buzz around it this week is Nameless from Image. For starters, it’s written by the maddest of mad Scotsmen, Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum, Batman & Son, JLA: Earth 2, All Star Superman). Some might see that as a mark against the book – he’s definitely an acquired taste and can be quite divisive amongst readers. But when he’s on target, his work is truly brilliant. Combine that potential with the art of Chris Burnham. They worked together on Batman & Robin, and Burnham’s pencils have a soft, fleshy quality that should be an intriguing match for a book that has been described as “Sandman meets Armageddon.” According to Morrison, the six-issue miniseries will be a horror comic with plenty of sci-fi elements and a project that gives him “a rare opportunity to articulate a long-withheld sneering contempt for our miserable species.”  It’s practically sold out at the distributor level, so grab it while you can!


A book that needs no introduction is Marvel’s new Star Wars. But by making sure you know issue #2 comes out this week, maybe I’ve ensured that you’ll make a trip to your local comic shop and be primed to pick up one of these other titles. Yes, folks – it’s the comic that sells itself. Soon, we’ll all know whether or not any of you actually enjoyed Marvel’s new series, or if you were just hoping #1 would turn into a piece of important Star Wars memorabilia. True, both the first and second prints of the first issue have sold out at the distributor. But the honeymoon’s over, and it’s time to find out if Jason Aaron and John Cassaday can actually hit those womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon. I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue and it was a feat that they hit all the right notes first thing out of the gate. So I’ll definitely be checking this out.


Sheltered #14 is the penultimate issue of a woefully underrated series that I’ve tried to champion since its beginning. Probably written off as a “Walking Dead with kids”, this pre-apocalyptic yarn does not include the supernatural or the fantastical. Its realness is unsettling. “Lord of the Flies with guns” would be a more apt comparison. I very much wish that this was an ongoing series because the ensemble cast of characters, both kids and adults, would certainly stand up to longer scrutiny. This series has always passed my test for one of the things that a read-worthy monthly book must have; it must advance the characters and story enough that both are at a noticeably different point in their development by the end of every issue. When I read many books from the big two, I finish ’em thinking a bunch of stuff was said & done, but effectively everyone is just as they were on page one. And if progress was made, it wasn’t 22-pages worth. But Sheltered has delivered and advanced with every story, and I’m anxious to see how it wraps up in #15.


If eclectic independents aren’t your bag, then Marvel’s got another super-duper-mega-spectacular-cosmic-crossover eventscapade for ya. Altho’, I will say, this one looks to be based in a good idea: the teaming of the Guardians of the Galaxy with the X-Men. Black Vortex Alpha #1 will only be satisfying if it’s not a contrivance to just see the two teams fight. C’mon, we want these fan-favorite teams actually pool their resources in the smartest ways possible to overcome “an ancient artifact imbued with immeasurable power.” The book is written by Sam Humphries, who doesn’t have a particularly stellar track record – Avengers A.I., Ultimates, Legendary Star-Lord – but Ed McGuinness will be bringing his cosmically enhanced, Art-Adams-on-steroids pencils into the fray. So this ought to definitely be worth a look.


Vertigo’s Wolf Moon feels a lot more like an Image book. The characters are sad and removed from normal life. They should be, they’re plagued by werewolf. I don’t know about you, but when I hear “werewolf”, I usually reach for a pillow. But in the 2 issues we’ve seen so far, this horror title has used mystery and brutal violence to keep me riveted. There’s enough of a spin on the old folklore to keep things interesting. The book’s cast that’s pursuing the beast across America each bring their own baggage and motives for catching it. Writer Cullen Bunn is quickly becoming a master at spinning conventional horror ideas into new & shiny stories. Further proof is in his also-out-this-week titles, Return of the Living Deadpool and the Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead.


Last on the list is hard to quantify. Image’s Postal sounds as if it’ll be a crime-thriller of sorts. It centers around the town of Eden, a safe-zone for fugitives from the law where they await new identities. Because of Eden’s secret nature, murder is strictly forbidden, but of course it’s a murder that our story is about. The first one in 25 years brings the attention of the FBI as they try to coerce one young man into working undercover in the town. Co-writers Bryan Hill and Matt Hawkins have given us titles like Think Tank and Wildfire. Covers shouldn’t be trusted, but let’s face it, that is often still our first impression of a new book and a deal breaker for whether or not we pick it up. The simple but intriguing images that Linda Sejic have created lured me in immediately. There’s a sense right away that this really is a small, isolated town with its own sense of justice and plenty to hide. Hopefully, we’ve got a satisfying monthly crime book on our hands.


I wish I could say that we mortals in New England will have reclaimed Midgard by this time next week. But I can already hear the Frost Giants trudging back in this direction, so I can’t make any promises. Best get to the comic store in-between snowfalls, grab the biggest blanket you can find, and we’ll ride out the season together in four-color glory.

Alright kiddies, that’s it for me this week. Tune in next week for another addition of “Meanwhile at The Hall of Comics”. Wanna know what else is out this week? Check out the full list of releases at The Hall of Comics NEW RELEASE page HERE.

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