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ABOVE: Not even nuclear fallout can keep Chris Love and Kara Kyser from getting engaged. Photo by Joshua Hoffine. [Buzzfeed

The Dark Side has toast. [ThinkGeek]


Game of Thrones characters as Garbage Pail Kids. [Topless Robot]

Star Wars Cake

Regali Kitchen has made the nerdiest cake ever. [Between the Pages]

Rachel Duncan - Hot Topic Exclusive

Orphan Black Funkos are coming to Hot Topic. [Nerdist]

This animatronic Pee-Wee Herman is the stuff of nightmares. [StarlightAmusements]


Cthulhu wants to light up your foyer. See more of Adam Wallacavage’s chandeliers over at Geekologie.

Designer James Todd created this Bat Chair for his 3D design class. [Nerd Approved]

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