Ever since the SyFy channel unceremoniously cancelled Stargate Universe a couple of years ago, fans have been clamoring for more trips through the ‘gate to brand new worlds and to seek out new human life living like cultures gone for thousands of years…. But I don’t think this is what they wanted. However, the slings and arrows of franchise management are outside the control of mom and pop sci-fi nerds, and because a brand name is a brand name is a brand name, Stargate will be rebooted. At least an attempt will be made anyway. The endeavor is one step closer now though as news has reached the interweb that a pair of screenwriters have been hired to pen the franchise reboot.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods will be penning the script for Stargate: Reboot (not the actual title) with the original movie’s co-writer and co-producer Dean Devlin overseeing things. Original director Roland Emmerich has yet to official sign on, but he has expressed interest in returning to the franchise and *ahem* correcting some of the mistakes taken when the franchise MacGyvered itself back in 1997. (For you young kids, Stargate SG-1 star Richard Dean Anderson was on a show called MacGyver in the 80s.)

So who are Wright and Woods? Well, you may recognize them from other films scripts as…. Um. Well, actually they’re probably both better known for their acting resumes than their writing portfolios. (Wright, for instance, was the White House tour guide-turned-quasi-badass in Emmercih’s White House Down.) However, they were the duo that got the Independence Day sequel script to a place where it got the greenlight from Twentieth Century Fox. Others have picked up where they left on ID4-2, but it would not be incorrect to say that Emmerich and others are hoping that Wright and Woods might work that same magic on Stargate.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Stargate movie was released in 1994 and starred Kurt Russell as Col. Jack O’Neil and James Spader as archeologist Daniel Jackson. Using an ancient alien device, they’re able instantaneously transport themselves and an Air Force team to a distant planet where primitive humans worship an alien under the guise of the Egyptian god Ra (played by Jaye Davidson). It was originally rumored that this project would be a continuation of the first film, but it’s actually a reboot, which makes Emmerich the Cecil B. DeMille of sci-fi B-movies. (DeMille made The Ten Commandments twice, you see.)

Frankly, if it was a continuation with Russell and Spader back in their original roles, I’d be more interested. I know that Emmerich can do Stargate, he did it once before, but since both Emmerich and Devlin have both previously discussed how they find the follow-up SG-1 and everything that came after so objectionable, I’m curious as to their plans following the end credits on the ’94 film. But I guess we have to live through the remake first, which begs the question, who could possibly do better than Russell and Spader as O’Neil and Jackson?

We’ll keep you informed on any new developments.

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