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There’s been talk around the internet about Superman rocking a new costume. I can get next to that as sometimes you gotta freshen things up – just as long as you don’t stray too far away from the original stuff. Wolverine did it when he went from yellow to brown, but that was a well designed fluke. Not everybody can pull that off. Personally, I see no way around updating Superman without the blue and red. The changes are thankfully minimal, but they also come with a brand new way for him to destroy someone he doesn’t like. Yes, you read that right. Somebody decided that Superman wasn’t omnipotent enough and now he’s got to have this new power. This new, unbelievably awesome and destructive new power.

Here’s the updated costume with Clark poking his chest out like he’s Kate Uptom and announcing himself because I guess Jim’s the biggest doofus on the planet who can’t get a clue.


When it comes to Kal El having new powers, ‘Superman II’ did it first, and disastrously at that.  All of a sudden broham could post illusions of himself, kiss somebody into sheer stupidity, and toss a cellophane ‘S’ off his chest onto a strong behemoth, making him useless. When I saw that as a little boy in 1980, I busted out a facepalm that would impress Captain Picard. And I was SEVEN!

Somebody’s always screwing around with my beloved Superman, which sounds extra weird because I’m far bigger on Marvel than DC. But here we go – his new power is called the Super Solar Flare. It’s a massive bit of hurt, but using it comes with a cost – it leaves him completely depleted of his treasured solar energy. What does that mean? It means he’s pretty much “human” for about 24 hours until recharged. Here’s what his Human Torch-sized supernova move looks like.


And the rave party turned to shit.

Okay, I don’t know. Superman is one of those guys who needed to be nerfed in order to make him susceptible to criminal attack. Doomsday doesn’t count because he came out a badass. Darkseid can ruin anybody. Brainiac is too smart to lay down without a fight. But back in the day when Superman was literally carrying skyscrapers on each hand like serving trays, writers and company bigwigs had to bring this guy down a few pegs. Otherwise, his rogue’s gallery would be pussies and there’d be no reason to read his comics. My point is, Superman is insanely powerful. They really didn’t need to imba him further, even if he does have a price to pay for it. But I won’t kibosh his new turn until I’ve given it a chance. In fact, I recommend that approach to this.

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