Last night’s installment of Arrow brought the Emerald Archer back to Starling City, but with Oliver Queen’s return to his hometown now being literally yesterday’s news, we need to know now what’s next for the show. Well, there’s continuing development of the Black Canary for one thing, Ray Palmer suiting up in his A.T.O.M. armor for another, and then there’s the oil and water team-up of Oliver and Malcolm Merlyn to fight Ra’s al Ghul. But if none of that peaks your interest, how about a visit from some old friends. Or make that frenemies. Task Force X is making a comeback, although you may know them better as the Suicide Squad.

Posted on the Instagram account of Arrow wingman and sometimes Squad member David Ramsey, comes a sneak peak at the new Squad.

Coming. #tfx

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Pictured is Audrey Marie Anderson as Diggle’s significant other Lyla Michaels, Michael Rowe as Deadshot, and Amy Gumenick as Cupid. Arrow fans of course know Deadshot well, and Cupid was introduced earlier in season three in the episode “Draw Back Your Bow.” Although she’s not pictured here, Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) will also return in this episode in what I believe might be her first “present day” appearance of this season.

According to ETOnline, the episode will focus on a rescue mission in the made up country of Kasnia, where the Squad is sent in to save a U.S. Senator named Cray who will be played by Stephen Culp. Culp is no stranger to TV with regular appearances on shows like Desperate Housewives, Enterprise, JAG, The West Wing and Revolution. He also has experience playing an out of sorts senator in a superhero setting thanks to a brief appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

With all the drama involving the League of Assassins and the death of Sara Lance, it’s felt as if A.R.G.U.S. antics, and by extension the Suicide Squad, have kind of fell to the side this season (I don’t count the Hong Kong flashbacks), but perhaps that will change in the coming episodes. There’s certainly been some ground work laid for a Squad return now. For instance, there’s no word yet if Captain Boomerang (played by Nick Tarabay), who was introduced earlier this season in the episode “The Brave and the Bold,” is joining the Squad in this outing. In the comics, he’s a perennial member of the team, so it would make sense to see him involved, especially with two of the previous members of the Squad out of the picture.

The episode entitled “Suicidal Tendencies,” will be the 18th of the season and will air later this year. Arrow can be seen every Wednesday at 8 pm EST on the CW.

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