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If Dana Saint‘s friends were going to throw him a bachelor party, then they damn well were going to throw him the greatest bachelor party they could. Saint, who is a huge Rambo fan was blissfully unaware that his friends had put together “Rambo Day.” A day for him that he’d never forget.


You see, Saint’s friends had spent the couple of months or so putting together fake cop cars, paintball guns, water balloons, exploding pyrotechnics, and everything else they could grab from the Rambo movies to create a day in which Saint would relive the entire Rambo movie franchise including escaping jail and rescuing POWs.

Of course the group filmed the whole thing and then edited it together into another wonderful wedding gift that Saint can re-watch whenever he has that Rambo itch. Take a look, but be sure to watch it all the way through, there’s some touching bits at the end.

That had to be a blast, both for Saint and all his friends. Slipping a few long time friends he hasn’t seen in a while is a nice addition to the day.


I’d have to imagine that the wedding has already occurred so Sylvester Stallone won’t be able to crash the wedding after seeing this video. That’s too bad because it would have been the perfect ending to this story, or better still the perfect beginning to the married couple’s life together.

Via: MTVNews

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