Word around the Internet today is that Mel Brooks wants to finally come through on Yoghurt’s promise of a Spaceballs sequel: Spaceballs: The Search For More Money. We’ll let that sink in for a minute, because we’re sure if you’re anything like us, your mind has just exploded.


Brooks did an interview with Parade last year in which he said:

Rick Moranis said, at one point, that Spaceballs 2 almost happened. Do you think you can get Rick to come back and get Spaceballs 2 to happen?

Without Rick, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve got the helmet in storage, just waiting for him. [Laughs] It’ll fit nobody else. Rick is five-five-and-a-half. It’s a perfect fit for the big helmet. He was such a genius. And God bless John Candy who’s gone. Tom [Meehan], who wrote it with me, has great ideas and I would love to do Spaceballs 2. We even have the title because in Spaceballs I said, “Maybe we’ll do Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.” [Laughs] That’s what I would call it. It’s the perfect title.

Of course that sparked a few Internet posts at the time, but quickly burned out. This time Brooks mentioned a Spaceballs sequel on the Adam Carolla podcast, Take a Knee. We’d slip a clip from the podcast in here, but it is a paid subscription, so we only really have a description from a Reddit user who listened:

Holy cow I didn’t think this would make front page. First,I’m on the phone and cannot really type well and I know the difference between too and to.

Second, he never said that this is actually going to happen, he just said that he really wants to do it and that he wants the original cast to reprise their roles if possible, and he wants to start filming after the release of the next Star Wars film.

Finally, I heard this on Adam Carolla’s paid subscription podcast called Take a Knee otherwise I would have posted a link to the episode. If you’re doing for a long form Mel Brooks interview I suggest Nerdist’s Mel Brooks episode.

Now of course we have to take this with a huge grain of salt, not that Brooks didn’t say it, but that it might actually happen and not just be an offhanded joke. An often repeated offhand joke. What’s interesting is how these things some times become self-fulfilling prophecies. Meaning if he’s talking this much about it, someone with deep pockets that wants to make money might decide to make it happen.


Now the other key mention is that timing. Brooks saying he wants to wait until after J.J Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases. Why is this important? Because it would give Brooks a chance to see where and how the franchise is moving on, and give him new material to poke fun at.

Now we lost a few of the characters in Spaceballs, two comedic legends: John Candy (Barf), passed away in 1994, and Joan Rivers (Dot Matrix) last year, but the rest of the cast could be brought back to reprise their former roles. Much like LucasFilm and Disney are doing with the new trilogy. I’m sure there are a ton of old folks jokes that Brooks could capitalize on.

Now this post wouldn’t be complete without a mashup of Spaceballs and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that blew up the Internet last November.

What do you think? Just wishful thinking… or the beginning of the wheels starting to roll on Spaceballs: The Search For More Money!


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