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It’s one hell of a time to be a nerd. I’ve never played ‘Legend Of Zelda,‘ but even I know that the show was more about Link than it was Princess Zelda. You just pick that stuff up along the way. I was more of a ‘Space Harrier’ fan, even though the longevity comparison between both games is woefully huge. In fact, let’s take a vote! If you were to make a TV show or movie about a video game, which would it be? Keep in mind that those efforts often fail at the box office. You gotta be very careful about that. In the case of television, you gotta aim for those coveted ratings instead. That is, unless you’re doing ‘Legend Of Zelda.’

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The franchise has taken up 17 games to tell its story so far and has been a top seller since its first incarnation in 1986. The main protagonist is Link and he doesn’t always appear in the same skin. His job is to save Zelda and the fantasy world of Hyrule, depending on the story, by working the action/adventure angle of puzzle solving and sword swinging. But, from what I understand, it’s all about Link saving somebody, and I can see that getting old. On the other hand, we did just say 17 games. So, there’s a ton of material to work with here, even if we’re just incorporating certain aspects of each game into the series. Now that we’ve gotten the gist, let’s see what they’re reporting.

The reason why we won’t have to deal with ratings for such a show as this is because Netflix is in talks to handle it. Yes, my favorite place in the world, Netflix is developing the live action version of the popular video game and working closely with Nintendo to get it right. I think I’m more jazzed about seeing Dark Link in this series. From my research, he seems like a ton of fun.

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As I said, I never played the game, but I’ve always appreciated it from afar. By the time I was keenly aware of it, we were in the late 90’s and the graphics technology was far too interesting for me to go back and try an 80’s adventure. But, as you can see from the cosplay above, it’s a series that has had a great impact on fans and lots of folks are going to be super jazzed about this new show. They are calling it a “family-friendly ‘Game Of Thrones,'” so we’ll see. As yet, there’s no writer or anything, so we’re talking about the very first stages of development.

What do you think?

Via – The Wall St. Journal

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