Sounds Like ‘G.I. Joe 3’ Has Their Villains

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Okay, full disclosure. When I saw this story posted, I jumped at it because I’m one of the few schmoes to thoroughly love Tomax and Xamot. When I was a boy collecting G.I. Joes, I had a really clear idea of right and wrong. And I was a wrestling fan, so the concept of good vs. bad was strong thanks Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. But I’ve got to admit it, whenever the twins fought the Joes during my play periods, I let the twins win. I’m not proud of it, and that approach may have easily tainted my views a bit in growing up. So, here’s the deal – when I read that the next Joe film might bring in the Crimson Guard, I was secretly hoping that the movie would end in a Joe loss. I know…I’m horrible.

If this is true, I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE Tomax and Xamot. They are industrialist millionaire twins with the strange power of having to feel each other’s pain, a la The Corsican Brothers novel. The main way to tell them apart is that one of them has a battle scar across his face. They are pretty boys who enjoy the finer things in life, they’re well-cultured, trained for battle, and very smart. Set to direct is D.J. Caruso, and when I’m done with this article, I’m totally gonna Google him to see who that is. In the meantime, Film Divider has this to say:

“We understand that the villains this time will be Tomax and Xamot, mainstays of the Sunbow cartoon series and the Marvel comics. This pair are, according to their original backstories, Corsican twins who worked as mercenaries before becoming merchant bankers.

Through their company, Extensive Enterprises, the twins act as the acceptable face of Cobra. They manage the terrorist organization’s business affairs as well as lead their elite Crimson Guard force. It seems like they’d be able to fill in nicely for the second film’s imprisoned Destro.

They’re also empathically bonded, which means they can feel each other’s pain, communicate silently and finish one another’s sentences. Plus, just to really drive home the whole twins thing, they part their hair on opposite sides and their uniforms are reflections of one other.”

Sweet move to bring them in. Destro had it covered, but now that he’s gone, Cobra needs a hand. Perfect! We understand that the Rock is supposed to have a top line presence in the upcoming film, so it’s kinda gonna be “The Roadblock Show,” featuring Tomax and Xamot. If the rumors are true.

Do you guys like this idea? Who would you cast in the roles of the twins? Can we dare hope to see more Joes show up to battle instead of just Jinx, Snake Eyes and a couple others?

Via – Film Divider

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