Sometimes it just happens that way. You’ve got a great show with a loyal following, but just aren’t getting the ratings to keep it alive. I lost a lot of shows back in the day like that. ‘Profit’ was one of those magnificent sleepers. Sometimes I feel like I was the only person on Earth who adored ‘Wizards and Warriors.’ And ‘Tales Of The Gold Monkey’ is one of my all time favorite shows. It was canceled for being “too good” because the studio couldn’t keep up the high production value. I’m sure you have some examples of your own. If we’d had saviors like Netflix and Yahoo Screen back then, some of those dead rolls of celluloid may have lived longer. Fans like me are hoping the latest rumors about ‘Constantine’ will do just that.

Apparently the right people aren’t watching the absolutely stellar series ‘Constantine’ because it wasn’t added to the recent update of renewed shows. That means it will probably get canceled. I’m going with it will definitely get canceled, and that sucks. What doesn’t suck is that it could be saved and shifted over to another network. Rumor Central explains that NBC believes in the show just enough to keep it alive elsewhere. NBC’s sister network is the SyFy channel. Further rumors say that the mammoth network might send Connie and Friends over there under the official comic book name of ‘Hellblazer.’


We knew the show was in trouble when the network stopped the season order at 13 episodes. I learned from ‘Community’ that that’s a serious red flag. So no, I don’t expect to see NBC’s master of the occult return. But having it pop up on SyFy where it more aptly belongs is probably the best idea I’ve heard all year. This show was a surprise delight. The way they’ve handled the mysticism keeps me on the edge of my seat. The DC Comics easter eggs are always a hoot, and if the show doesn’t return, we’ll never get to see Swamp Thing like I keep hearing we might. The show is true to the source material (beyond the near-abysmal pilot), the effects are fantastic and all the actors deliver A games week after week. This is the only new show from 2014 that I’d strive to save. This and ‘The Flash.’ I loved ‘Gotham’ for about 10 episodes, but they’re really trying my patience. ‘Constantine’ gets better every week.

Who agrees? Who’s in? Who hates the show? Who doesn’t give a damn about any of this and just dropped in to troll? Sound off!

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