Even though X-Men Origins: Wolverine royally bombed with everyone except maybe Hugh Jackman‘s mom, Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role of the Merc with the Mouth for the upcoming Deadpool solo feature. That part of casting the upcoming X-Men spin-off film was more or less a forgone conclusion, but who might play Deadpool’s leading lady in the film, that is a more complicated question. Sources say that the production has it narrowed down to six potentials, including a couple of choice names that should be very familiar to genre fans. The role the winning actress might play, is unknown, but what is known is the code name for the Deadpool production, so if you’re in the Vancouver area in the next couple of months and want to stalk the cast and crew, the watch word you’ll need to know is…

Wham! According to Production Weekly (via Comic Book Movie), the 80s band that launched George Michael to fame, and left poor Andrew Ridgeley as a Trivial Pursuit answer no one knows, was the inspiration for the movie’s cover title, a way to shoot in and around Vancouver while distracting gullible fanboys.

More complicated than that though, calling the Deadpool production “Wham!” is an inside joke to the film’s script, or at least the original script for the movie written by Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese if not the current one that the upcoming movie may or may not be based on. In one scene, we see a close-up of a Deadpool action figure based on the way he appeared at the end of Wolverine. Breaking the fourth wall in typical fashion (as he does in the comic), we hear Deadpool say, “A little piece of me curled up and died the day this came out.” But then the camera zooms out and we see Deadpool holding Wham!’s final album from 1986, and adding, “but their late album turned out really poorly; So that’s kind of the joke.”

Music From the Edge of Heaven he means, not the action figure.

Considering that the same production team from that earlier script, Wernick & Reese as well as director Tim Miller, it’s entirely possible that the joke is still going to be in there in the final movie, but as the saying goes, now you know the rest of the story…

In other Deadpool news, word’s been leaked that the actress for the female lead in the film has been narrowed down to six possibles according to Deadline (via Coming Soon). The report says that Morena Baccarin (Gotham, Firefly), Jessica De Gouw (Arrow), Sarah Green (Vikings), Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf), Rebecca Rittenhouse (Red Band Society), and Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black) are all in line for the role, but what role is it? There are a few options:

1) Domino – A mutant mercenary with the power to alter probability, and change her luck. She’s most frequently connected to Cable and X-Force, but she has also worked with Deadpool on occasion too.

2) Psylocke – She’s been a long-time X-Man, thanks to her telepathic skill and ninja know-how, but lately she’s been working a lot with X-Force during which time Deadpool’s been a member of the team. Psylocke’s been a major figure in the X-Men comics for years, but to my knowledge she’s yet to appear in any form in the X-Men movies.

3) Sandi Brandenberg – A woman with a mysterious past who ends up crossing paths with Deadpool and  becomes his friend and secretary. I might suggest that this role might be the more likely, offering Reynolds’ Deadpool someone “normal” to interact with, kind of like Joan Cusack‘s character in Grosse Pointe Blank.

Expect more news on Deadpool to come in soon as shooting begins on the film sometime next month. The movie will be in theaters everywhere on February 12, 2016.

In the meantime, relive the awesomeness of the test reel:

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