You’re riding the elevator, you look up as the door opens and who walks in but Kevin Fiege and Amy Pascal. You notice the floor button Fiege pushes and now you know you’ve got the time it takes this elevator to get there to make your pitch. You wipe the doughnut crumbs off your shirt, pull up your pants, and swallow that lump in your throat as you decide to give them your best elevator pitch on how they should use Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

marvel team up

That’s right, my Elevator Pitch to Marvel and Sony is to make a Live Action Television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is based on one of my favorite comic books as a child, Marvel Team-Up. Marvel Team-Up could be a regular weekly television series or perhaps more along the lines of Agent Carter with a set number of episodes or mini series style.

Think about it, episodes that can slip in anywhere in the line up without having too much trouble keeping the continuity straight, that promote the next big Marvel movie or Sony/Marvel Spider-Man movie or introduce new characters to viewers before they hit the big screen.


You can bounce Spider-man all over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Introduce comic book villains and new heroes to the Cinematic Universe without overloading a single movie with too many new heroes and villains. Team-Up Spider-man with lesser known heroes to gauge their popularity for bigger things all the while building Spider-Man’s Cinematic background that can translate to the big screen.


This would also be a great chance to let some of Marvel’s other Television characters shine. Imagine a Spider-Man/Agent Coulson team up, or perhaps Spider-Man meets Deathlok, Spider-Man and Power Pack? There’s way to many to list here.

If you’re wondering how this would work, just think of it as the Super-hero equivalent of the weekly Police Procedural television show we’re all used to. CSI for Super-heroes, every week a new guest star hits the show with a problem that Spider-Man swings in to solve, or perhaps the guest helps Spider-Man out of a jam? Wouldn’t you like to see Matt Murdock show up to help Peter Parker or Spider-Man with a legal issue?


The two might start off fighting each other as often happens in Marvel Team-Up, but then things get straightened out and they team up to take down the real bad guy that episode.


What do you think? would you like to see a Live Action Marvel Team-Up Television show? What do you think is the best way for Marvel and Sony to capitalize on their new Spider-Man deal?

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