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This week’s episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter finds Peggy on the run! That’s right people, Agent Carter is persona non grata in her own town, the City that never sleeps!  Everyone wants to take down Carter; Leviathan, Dottie, Chief Dooley, her colleagues Daniel and Jack. Thankfully she’s made some strong allies in NYC, namely Mr. Jarvis and her neighbor Angie Martinelli (portrayed brilliantly by Lyndsy Fornseca).  Where does she run? It turns out she spends an entire episode hiding in plain sight, which is second nature when you’re constantly underestimated by everyone around you (thanks patriarchy).


Things are really moving on Marvel’s Agent Carter these days.  Part of what makes the miniseries format so enticing is that viewers get to see a plot unfold fairly quickly, and in clear concise ways that are fun to watch.  There’s no waiting around to see what happens after 22 episodes – “ain’t nobody got time for that!” This episode has some of the best action sequences yet (not counting last week’s Howling Commandoes/SiTC romp).  Peggy goes up against SSR agents, Dottie works covertly with the recently rescued double agent Dr. Ivchenko, and of course who could forget Jarvis getting slapped by scorned Stark lovers (the shin kick was genius).


Action sequences aside, the stakes are high for Peggy now that Daniel Sousa has figured out that she was the blonde in the pilot episode, and that she’s connected to Stark’s stolen WMDs.  After the aforementioned SSR tango, Peggy and Jarvis agree they need to get the heck out of dodge but not without Steve Rogers, or rather the vial of his blood Peggy has stashed in her apartment.  You guys, this vial of blood seems really important.  We’re thinking its “Centipede” related (Agents of SHIELD), but we digress.  The problem is that her apartment is the first place the SSR will look because reasons, obviously.


They say you can never go home.  What they should say is that “you should never go home if you’re being chased by the feds”.  Peggy manages to retrieve her vial of blood, but not before having to dodge her colleagues by hiding on the apartment ledge in a game of cat and mouse with the SSR, “she’s here somewhere, I know it” says Daniel Sousa.  No kidding!  Angie aids her in the chase, but she’s stopped dead in her tracks by Dottie and a kiss coated in a knockout drug.  This isn’t the end of Carter, as Dottie is foiled by the SSR and Carter is captured.


One of the things that is really working for this miniseries is how embedded the commentary on patriarchy and misogyny goes. Peggy’s colleagues at the SSR are constantly at a disadvantage because they underestimate her abilities.  It’s part of the reason she’s able to run circles around them (the other part being that she is badass).  But take the Russian operatives for example – they embrace their female operatives, and in turn are able to do a lot right under the noses of their adversaries.  Talk about hiding in plain sight!  The characters even go as far as to talk about it when Dr. Ivchenko comments on what we know to be the Black Widow project, “women are often overlooked, taken for granted, they can slip easily through a man’s defenses”.  This kind of commentary really adds depth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – it contextualizes how an agency like the SSR, steeped in these kinds of assumptions about women can grow into an agency like S.H.I.E.L.D., which nurtures strong operatives like Melinda May, Natasha Romanov, and Maria Hill (to name a few).


Agent Carter’s mettle gets tested in the ultimate showdown with her SSR colleagues and Leviathan next week!  Don’t miss it, Tuesday February 17th at 9/8PM central on ABC!

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