With the release of Deadpool exactly a year away (February 12, 2016,) and the films star Ryan Reynolds already saying that it will be the movie fans want it to  be, maybe it’s time the man playing the merc put his money where his mouth is. Reynolds took to Twitter this morning to tease and early look at the Deadpool costume and by the looks of things fans should be happy. Check it out below.

Sure, it’s an ‘early prototype.’ Sure, it’s desaturated and all instragramy (which is a real word I just made up.) Sure, it’s only reveals a pair of gloves and shadowy glimpse at the mask. Now let’s compare it to the last time the character was seen on the big screen, 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverinedeadpool-x-men-origins

Yes, it looks like this time out the Merc with a Mouth will actually have a mouth!

Bravo FOX, you seem to be on the right track already. Toss in a couple of taco references, make it R-rated, and we might even forgive you for how you portrayed Wade Wilson in that other movie.





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