Feelin’ old alert! Mallrats is turning 20 years old later this year. You may not recall Mallrats, as it was less than warmly received in the fall of 1995, thus resulting in it being placed somewhere on the low-end of the remembrances of Kevin Smith‘s empire along with Cop-Out and that Daredevil comic book miniseries he never finished. Still, Mallrats has its fans, perhaps out of the thirst for vintage Smith, or perhaps it’s because time heals all wounds, but for those fans comes news that Smith is planning a very special celebration for these two decades of love, friendship and hanging out at the mall with nothing better to do.

If you’ve never seen Mallrats its about two friends chilling out, having random encounters with Jay and Silent Bob, and talking all day about movies, random people, and their annoying girlfriends. You know, it’s a Kevin Smith movie. Mallrats was shot at the Eden Prairie Center Mall in Eden Prairie, MN (doubling for Jersey of course), and to mark the film’s 20th birthday, Smith is planning on going back and, yup, hosting a Q&A. Not many details have been released yet, but here’s Smith’s Facebook post on the matter.

Celebrating Mallrats is not an anomaly as there was a 10th anniversary celebration event in LA along with a special edition DVD release. The film has gained a cult following in the last two decades despite being initially seen as a sophomore slump for Smith who broke out just one year earlier with Clerks. So what’s so appealing about Mallrats? Maybe its the fact that Jason Lee was still an affable douche at the time. Or maybe it’s witnessing the burgeoning career of future Batman Ben Affleck. Then again, it could be the joy of watching Jay and Silent Bob play Batman. But I like what someone on Smith’s Facebook post said, it featured a Stan Lee cameo, before it was cool to have a Stan Lee cameo.

We’ll let you know more details about the Mallrats event when Smith breaks it.

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